National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2022/09/09


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/8/22 01:30GatlinburgTNUSADisk15 minsBright round light appeared and disappeared shot into atmosphere then a bolt of lightning lit up sky9/9/22
9/7/22 08:10Wappingers fallsNYUSACigar3 minutes while deivingLarge cigar shaped object made up of 5 or 6 spheres9/9/22Yes
9/7/22 05:00TucsonAZUSAFormation2 -3 minsa straight line of 70-100 (maybe more) lights in the sky moving silently9/9/22
9/7/22 00:00RichmondVAUSASphere1-2 secondsA bright white object appeared in the sky, then shot straight up into the air leaving a bright tail, then everything disappeared.9/9/22
9/6/22 23:45BrookhavenGAUSACylinderSlow and low maybe 1 minVery low flying large object. You could hear a hum. Rounded nose cylindrical slight flare near tail. Belly was dark with white area.9/9/22
9/6/22 23:44Los GatosCAUSAOval3 secondsWhite high-speed tik-tak seen in night sky.9/9/22
9/6/22 22:25MidlandTXUSAFireball45 seconds to 1 minute.I noticed NE of my house an orange ball of light headed SW.9/9/22
9/6/22 22:00Glenn’s ferryIDUSALightApproximately 5-8 minutesSeveral lights, that lit up one at a time, flew up, dimmed out..NOT STARLINK9/9/22
9/6/22 19:40Lago vistaTXUSACircle20-25 minutesWas near the house again9/9/22
9/6/22 19:10PRICEUTUSARectangleabout two minutesUFO Sighting by two 5th graders - large square shape, erratic movements, in evening sky above Price Utah9/9/22Yes
9/6/22 04:40Santa MonicaCAUSACircle30 minutesI took videos and photos of a ufo that was spinning and hovering with unusual lights that changed color and bursted9/9/22Yes
9/6/22 04:40Santa MonicaCAUSACircle30 minutesI spinning craft that was hovering for a long time with unusual bursts of light and changing colors9/9/22Yes
9/6/22 03:20PhoenixAZUSAFormation2 to 3 secondsSaw at least 15 orange/yellow ball of light (may be more) formed together moving horizontally9/9/22
9/6/22 01:25IrvineCAUSALightminute or twoBig light in the sky changing colors.9/9/22Yes
9/5/22 20:00CAUSAFormationwell over 5 minutesWe saw in the sky a formation of lights which made a triangular pattern moving slowly across the sky from east to west.9/9/22
9/5/22 13:00Near PortlandORUSAOval30 secondsSaw a fast flying oval not far from where I was.9/9/22
9/5/22 12:45Friday harborWAUSALight3 secondsUFO appears briefly behind a high altitude south bound jet.9/9/22
9/5/22 06:12CasperWYUSACigar2min.White, glowing cigar shaped object9/9/22
9/5/22 05:15Lees SummitMOUSAOtheraround 5 to 7 minutesLights in Sky9/9/22
9/5/22 05:13FoleyALUSARectangleTwo minutesNon-moving rectangular row of lights9/9/22Yes
9/5/22 05:00Wadebridge CornwallCornwallUnited KingdomCircle1 minuteStar like objects traveling at speed behind a circular shaped cloud.9/9/22
9/5/22 04:15DartmouthMAUSACigar5-10 minutesLong bright light Almost stationary then moving at a steady pace.9/9/22Yes
9/4/22 23:30MondoviWIUSACircle30 minLight above trees moving erratically, but also purposefully. We watched the craft ascend and descend and fly circles around the treetop9/9/22
9/4/22 22:48Apple valleyCAUSALight2 secondsRecorded bright glowing craft shoot up from ground at an angle to the clouds and then level off at high rate of speed9/9/22
9/4/22 22:25WilmingtonNCUSACircle1 minuteBright orange fire ball like light falling from sky then light disappears completely. Look left and see a silver disc moving slowly9/9/22
9/4/22 22:24LouisburgNCUSAOtherAbout one minuteKind of a V shape with a dull orange glow. It was very large and slowly moving.9/9/22Yes
9/4/22 22:20Wilber-By-the-SeaFLUSAFireballHeard: 1 min Seen: 5 secWe heard a low intermittent unexplained rumble then a bright fireball took off headed away from us.9/9/22
9/4/22 22:18NorfolkVAUSAUnknown2-4 minutesJust got home from seeing our grandchildren. We were sitting out front facing our house, which faces us towards the Chesapeake Bay!9/9/22
9/4/22 22:18NorfolkVAUSAOther2 minutesSaw an object in the sky with a white flowing glow around it move through the sky, at a fast, smooth rate and then disappear in the sky9/9/22Yes
9/4/22 22:18Mastic BeachNYUSAOtherAbout three full secondsA crescent-shaped light that seemed to be cut off by going behind something.9/9/22
9/4/22 21:15CambridgeEnglandUnited KingdomCircle2 minutesStrange Craft9/9/22
9/4/22 20:00San ClementeCAUSALightAbout 3-4 minutes.Unidentified lights in night sky9/9/22
9/4/22 03:30Assateague IslandVAUSAChangingHour +Rapidly moving craft changing shapes9/9/22
9/4/22 02:00nr MatlockDerbyshireUnited KingdomUnknown15 minsBehind the house the light was emitting from the clouds like search lights, white and pulsating.9/9/22
9/4/22 01:00North FreedomWIUSAOrb2 hoursOrb in high orbit/altitude that moved sporadically in various directions including circles, zig-zags, wave like motions9/9/22
9/4/22 00:25SpokaneMOUSALight18-36 secondsI saw two lights, one of which looked like it was chasing the other, and they made a sharp turn extremely quickly.9/9/22
9/3/22 23:22East BendNCUSAChanging3:40Strange flashing lights forming different shapes9/9/22
9/3/22 22:52ExeterPAUSALightJust a few secondsI was driving home and saw this weird pink oval with two more right behind it.9/9/22
9/3/22 22:30MiamiFLUSAOther5 secondsHexagon shape9/9/22
9/3/22 22:23ChicagoILUSALightA few secondsWhat happened was I was watching TV then I see this bright light outside my house then I see a bright light just go fast9/9/22Yes
9/3/22 21:45CambridgeVTUSAOther45 secondsFire red pulsating ball9/9/22
9/3/22 21:14LYNBROOKNYUSAOrb2:435 Low flying amber orbs9/9/22
9/3/22 20:36ManchesterUnited KingdomCircle10/15 secondsUFO no doubt about it9/9/22
9/3/22 20:31AustinTXUSACircle1I am posting this story on behalf of a friend who actually witnessed this craft and after sending me a picture I am compelled to report9/9/22Yes
9/3/22 20:24GreenvilleFLUSACircle5 minutesSaw flying objects about 100 yards above the tree line and looked at it from thermal imaging scope9/9/22
9/3/22 20:20RangeleyMEUSAStar20 / 30 minutesSaw light traveling from south to north than other lights from east to west with one coming to a stop and reverse direction than disapp9/9/22
9/3/22 19:00OrlandoFLUSALightFew seconds4 bright lights moving fast in sync9/9/22
9/3/22 00:50FraminghamMAUSATeardrop4 secondsI was driving coming on to rt 30 when I looked up I could see a tear drop shaped orb that had a bluish green light tail.9/9/22
9/2/22 22:30Los AngelesCAUSALight30 minutesPoint of light exhibiting non-ballistic motion9/9/22
9/2/22 22:30NorfolkCTUSAChanging8-10 hoursConstantly changing shape object9/9/22Yes
9/2/22 21:45StonehamMAUSALightOne hourThis is the 2nd time seeing this craft. I saw it a few months back and it was in the sky from about 2am-4am,this time was about 9:45pm9/9/22
9/2/22 21:00Charlette valleyNYUSAOrbbright orb& shooting starShooting star followed by a huge bright glowing orb hovering just above a mountain top.9/9/22
9/2/22 21:00HedgesvilleWVUSAChanging10 minutes approximatelyDriving n see a orange ball flying 5 times fast as plane beside me in a field as if racing or chasing me, I pulled over and stopped.9/9/22Yes
9/2/22 20:57BrookingsORUSALight4mNot sure if it was one or two9/9/22
9/2/22 19:2120 miles west of billings, mtMTUSASphere1 min. ApproxMetalic sphere moving at approximately 3000ft elevation9/9/22
9/2/22 07:45Lago VistaTXUSACircleAbout 15-20 minutesBright like it was a planet but too light out to be a planet9/9/22Yes
9/2/22 03:00FairmountILUSATriangleHoursV or triangle shoes craft 3 lights one in front larger/brighter9/9/22Yes
9/1/22 21:09WheelersburgOHUSADisk1 minuteSo we were walking to our house and we saw a UFO and it was VERY big!9/9/22
9/1/22 20:55EvansvilleINUSAOrb5 minutesI look out north and see a strange light formation9/9/22
9/1/22 20:37Sierra VistaAZUSACylinderapproxamently 3 minutes2 craft super bright lights overcast night, turned into one craft9/9/22Yes
9/1/22 19:56ScrantonUSALightA few seconds.Big light in sky. Was low, unmoving. Then disappeared.9/9/22Yes
9/1/22 19:51DudleyEnglandUnited KingdomSphere2 mins approxSaw it just stationary absolutely piecing white light, my son ran to get my phone9/9/22
9/1/22 19:31BaltimoreMDUSAChanging2 minutesExtremely low flying dark flat object followed by white ball sighting9/9/22
9/1/22 18:22BlufftonINUSASphereAbout 5 minutesBall of light inside of a box9/9/22Yes
9/1/22 08:00NazarethPAUSATriangleBlack Triangle9/9/22
9/1/22 02:43HiltonNYUSAUnknownOver 1,5 hours so farThis craft was hovering, weaving and spinning.9/9/22
9/1/22 01:30FayettevilleNCUSALight10-20 secondsI witnessed a point of light (assuming a star) at the moment turn into a ball of different colors, then descend.9/9/22
8/31/22 23:15YpsilantiMIUSADiamondFrom 11:00 it still goingThe bright object seeing at 110 SW from my location, pictures and video exist and available on request9/9/22
8/31/22 22:59Great fallsMTUSADiamondAbout 4 or 5 minutesIt was kind of hard to see, but it was bright yellow and flashed red9/9/22Yes
8/31/22 21:16SocorroNMUSAFireballOngoing ufos nightlyFlashing red lights in the distance turned off when I started recognizing & taking pics9/9/22Yes
8/31/22 21:05FredericksburgTXUSAUnknown10 minutesSilent and Slow moving craft at very low altitude with several pulsing white lights and one red light9/9/22Yes
8/31/22 21:02HooverALUSADiamondApproximately 25 secondsMy girlfriend and I saw a diamond shaped object which quickly ascended and traveled at extraordinary speeds9/9/22
8/31/22 21:00San DiegoCAUSAFormationOn/off over 1 hourHorizontal close row of 8 light green/lime colored lights9/9/22
8/31/22 20:30Idaho FallsIDUSALightOnly a few secondsThe best description of shape might be that of a gaming controller but it was mostly green light.9/9/22
8/31/22 19:35everettWAUSACross20 minuteslarge black t floating9/9/22
8/31/22 19:24MaricopaAZUSAFireball90 minutesGlowing orange orbs over Sonoran Desert (8/24, 8/25) and Maricopa city/South Mountain (8/31)9/9/22Yes
8/31/22 06:00ArdmoreOKUSACircle20 minutesWas on the porch and saw it. Started filming it and it changed shape and color9/9/22
8/30/22 23:30Flight from Charlotte to Wilmington NCNCUSACircleseveral minutesIR flashed and unknown objest9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 23:00VentruaCAUSAFireball1 minuteFireball over Ventura county9/9/22
8/30/22 22:42OrangeCAUSAFireballAbout 30 secondsCraft had a tail like a shooting star disappeared and reappeared before shooting into9/9/22
8/30/22 22:34FontanCAUSAUnknownMaybe around 1min and 30Saw a big red laser type of ship in the sky9/9/22
8/30/22 22:07MissoulaMTUSAStar15-30 minutesThis was above the concert Chicago, others may have seen - hundreds were there9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 22:00StevensvilleMTUSATriangleBriefDaughter took an underexposed pictures and captured the object.9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 21:45DeberryTXUSARectangle5 minutesStrobing lighted object moving in front of us9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 21:16NogalesAZUSAFireball1 min aproxxLooking for light bugs we spotted a bright light moving silent in the sky.9/9/22
8/30/22 21:01CassattSCUSATriangle25 seconds3 objects flying at same speed crossing our path. They looked to be planes flying in a perfect elongated triangular pattern9/9/22
8/30/22 21:00ajoAZUSARectangle5 second x2Rectangular orange flares 30 sec apart9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 15:20EastoverSCUSARectangle5 secsCube shaped mettalic shiny with red lights floating just above treetop level9/9/22
8/30/22 08:51LittletonCOUSACylinder1 min approxREPEAT Sighting this morning AGAIN of 'Tic Tac'-like object slowing strolling over Denver foothills, same as yesterday...9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 08:07Yucca valleyCAUSAChanging2 secondsIt was burning falling down and split apart and disappeared9/9/22
8/30/22 07:45South Tulsa / Lake Bixhoma ParkOKUSAUnknown2 minutesPlaying Baseball at Indian Springs ball park. Noticed a metallic shining object moving from west to east at about 7 or so miles out.9/9/22
8/30/22 05:10WorthingWest SussexUnited KingdomFormation3 to 4 minsA string of waving lights moving south east silent with a jet following a couple of miles behind the formation of lights9/9/22
8/30/22 01:30HaughtonLAUSALight1 minuteGlowing in the sky witness by several employees9/9/22
8/29/22 23:06Auburn, Enumclaw areaWAUSACigar8 minutes aprox.Outside we saw a black cigar shaped ufo with 2 white lights, one on each end.9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 22:56port st lucieFLUSAOther2 secondsIt looked like a star but much closer and dropped to the ground extremely fast.9/9/22
8/29/22 22:15FriendshipWIUSACircle7 secondsGlowing sphere moving east9/9/22
8/29/22 21:06CarlsbadNMUSAChanging15 minCompletley out of this world9/9/22
8/29/22 20:55SykesvilleMDUSAOval2:48Oval craft stationary above treeline off to NW9/9/22
8/29/22 20:47MiamiFLUSALightSplit secondBall of light moving super fast9/9/22
8/29/22 11:36AuroraCOUSACross3 minutesSighting of 4 objects moving from the north to the southeast.9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 11:00NorfolkCTUSASphere8-10 hoursOctagonal object with sphere inside9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 09:26ClayNYUSACircle3 minutesCraft sped across the sky from east to north, sat and spun for a minute, then disappeared. No sound.9/9/22
8/29/22 06:15CancunMexicoLightBright object recordedBright object in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 05:18NewportUSASphere20 to 39 minutesFloating sphere, that had beams & was then a disk shape.9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 02:03PinehurstNCUSA15 mins…Saw multi color object above horizon.9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 00:30WaukeshaWIUSALight3-4 minutesIt was a bright light, that moved from side to side.9/9/22
8/28/22 23:04GeyservilleCAUSAStar30 minutesTwinkling lights that changes color a9/9/22
8/28/22 21:45MustangOKUSAUnknownBall of light with intense flight pattern9/9/22
8/28/22 20:48PittsburghPAUSAOrb2 secsGreen orb flash through Pittsburgh skyline9/9/22
8/28/22 20:45CairoKYUSAUnknownApprox 10 minutesSomething hovering/ flying fast and erratic with only 2 lights.9/9/22
8/28/22 17:30Colorado cityTXUSAChanging1.5 hoursAt 05:00 cst i noticed a flashing object in the eastern sky. It appeared quite far away with pulsating lights.9/9/22
8/28/22 12:39AustinTXUSACircle8 to 17 minutesAerial Phenomenon at Austin Texas9/9/22Yes
8/28/22 10:30WithamEssexUnited KingdomStar15-20 secondsLooked like a star during the day.9/9/22
8/28/22 09:40Littleton (Denver metro area)COUSACylinder58 secs; 20 secs & 5 secsI observed & videod a 'tic tac'-shaped white object moving slowly over the area, then w/in a few minutes saw what may have been a B529/9/22Yes
8/28/22 07:22LawrenceburgKYUSALight10-15 secondsBright light in the sky. Disappeared without moving.9/9/22
8/28/22 03:30John DayORUSAChanging1 1/2 hour then tiredObserved UFO for 1 1/2 hours above my house in early mornin. Radical movement, varied lights, no sound, no beams, no landing, no trail.9/9/22Yes
8/28/22 01:50Eagle MountainUTUSATeardrop10+ minutesIt was moving quickly but then just stopped as I noticed it? I started taking pics then recording. It was bright but then dimmed.9/9/22Yes
8/28/22 00:00StanfordKYUSATriangle20 minutesWe was out riding our ATV through the field and seen something strange flying toward us then slowly flew away9/9/22
8/27/22 21:01PeoriaCylinder3 minutesAn object with a cylinder shape orange with two hanging legs reflecting an orange light.9/9/22
8/27/22 21:00New AlbanyOHUSAOrbI was driving on 161There were about 8 glowing orangish yellow spheres and another two off to the right.9/9/22
8/27/22 20:59TylerTXUSATriangleWe were driving on a street and we looked up and saw a black triangle that had red lights and a white beam shining at the pinnacle9/9/22
8/27/22 20:57NaplesNYUSACircle1 minute apporx.Looked up into the sky as I usually and saw 2 crafts with lights glowing and then faint and then disappeared9/9/22
8/27/22 20:15DenverOvalA couple of minutesLooking at the stars with grandson when he asked me what’s that? I looked up in sky and saw a round object with lights9/9/22
8/27/22 20:10Klamath FallsORUSACircleUnknownSaw at a railroad crossing. Got out to take sunset pictures and a photo of the train after a drive through the country.9/9/22Yes
8/27/22 19:30MeerutUttar PradeshIndiaSphere2 or 3 secondsDisppearance of 1 uap sphere shaped9/9/22
8/27/22 17:39Rancho CucamongaCAUSACigar3 minSeen a white craft right before it just disappeared9/9/22
8/27/22 09:14KalamazooMIUSASpherea secondPhotograph of a silver shape in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/27/22 06:47TorontoONCanadaCircle5 secondsFlew in a straight line then a sharp left9/9/22
8/27/22 00:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAOtherLooked into the sky, It appeared out of no where9/9/22
8/26/22 20:48WoodbourneNYUSACircleOne MinuteThe Orange lighted UFO in Woodbourne, New York State near Pine Bush, NY9/9/22Yes
8/26/22 20:45Lake HenshawCAUSALight30 secondsSomething passing overhead at high rate of speed9/9/22
8/26/22 19:29Huntington StationNYUSACircleunsureWas just taking a pic w my cell phone of the cloud structures to the east. Did not see this when taking pic. Reviewed this after.9/9/22Yes
8/26/22 16:28Las VegasNVUSAOther2 minDoughnut shaped, silver UFO9/9/22Yes
8/26/22 11:50homsteadPAUSALightA few hoursThought that the lights were drones. Upon further investigation. There was no sound.9/9/22
8/26/22 02:07FrostburgMDUSACylinderStill occurringTwo objects one stationary the other moving toward and away from the first giving off a goldfish glow9/9/22
8/25/22 23:10WaverlyIAUSALight10 SecondsStrangely moving light9/9/22
8/25/22 21:50ManchesterLancashireUnited KingdomUnknownFew seconds 2 objects appeared very low ,there was a gap between them ,objects moved in zigzag direction9/9/22Yes
8/25/22 21:15STATESVILLENCUSAUnknownApproximately 3 minutesBright orangish to red lights or orbs moving left to right in the sky9/9/22
8/25/22 19:30TivertonRIUSADisk2 minutesU.A.P flew up to slowed down and passed an airplane with both exhaust like the plane9/9/22
8/25/22 10:30RoyalIAUSAUnknownA secondA HUGE flash of light in the sky. Looked bluish/electric, and then gone! It happened so fast. NOT lightning.9/9/22
8/25/22 01:16AuburnNYUSAUnknownFive to six secondsI saw what appeared to be a large black tear in the sky that moved rapidly enough I had to turn my head to track it over 5-6 seconds9/9/22
8/25/22 00:00Culver CityCAUSADisk30 secondsCraft was disk shaped with bright red and green lights (2 lines on bottom; bottom was more flat and on the top there was a small top.9/9/22
8/24/22 23:30ImperialMOUSADiamond30 minutesObject accelerated through the sky heading south then stopped and headed north and remained stationary. Object is still stationary9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 23:00USACone1 hourThe craft hovered in one spot for over an hour.9/9/22
8/24/22 21:45SCOTTSVILLEVAUSAOtherAbout 3-4 secondsIt was a red dot inside a square9/9/22
8/24/22 21:42FultonMOUSALightOver 30 minOver 30 minutes multiple ufo’s flying in multiple directions and turning in different directions9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 21:30ElktonMDUSALightAbout 1 minuteAn object that looked similar to a star, in the NW sky, was "shooting" gold/white "things" upward (straight up) at regular intervals9/9/22
8/24/22 21:20WilmingtonOHUSATriangle20 secondsThree amber lights spinning slowly, made a full rotation then individually turned off9/9/22
8/24/22 21:10BedworthWarwickshireUnited KingdomLight5-10 minutesBright light that dropped then rose up a bit and shot off9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 20:40WilmingtonOHUSAUnknownA couple minutesAmber looking lights almost triangular or oval. There was at first what I thought was 2 but it after zooming more like 59/9/22Yes
8/24/22 18:51ClearwaterFLUSARectangleNot sureTook picture of a rainbow looked at photo and the UFO APPEARED9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 16:00North YorkONCanadaCigar1 minuteCigar shaped craft, not moving, no wings or tail, tan colour9/9/22
8/24/22 15:16ColumbusOHUSAOrb30 MinutesORB / UFO floating over our house for a half hour...9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 14:22Atlantic CityNJUSAUnknownA few seconds?When I attempted to enlarge the photo of the jet, I noticed the UFO Anomaly above the jet at about 11 o’clock.9/9/22Yes
8/24/22 06:50SpringhillFLUSAOtherabout 10 secondsI saw a crescent or boomerang shaped UFO that seemed to move at such speed it appeared to shrink down to nothing, glowing in the night9/9/22
8/24/22 00:09BeloitWIUSATriangleAround 1 minuteSaw a lighted triangle come out of sky doing things we don't have technology for,it made zero noise was able to move slower9/9/22
8/24/22 00:05LovelandCOUSACircle2.5 HoursAppeared to be a star at first glance, twinkling abnormally9/9/22
8/23/22 23:57Idaho FallsIDUSALight2-3 secondsTwo soft white lights moving at high velocity in perfect parallel with visible starlight between.9/9/22Yes
8/23/22 23:36AcciaroliProvince of SalernoItalyDiskAbout 15 secondsThree UFOs shooting rays of light on the sea.9/9/22Yes
8/23/22 22:45ScrantonPAUSADiamond30 secondsI saw a floating white light that seemed to be hovering in the sky.9/9/22Yes
8/23/22 21:46CirclevilleOHUSACircle20 Minutes3 lights signal each other9/9/22
8/23/22 21:35North FerrisburghVTUSALightApproximately 45 secondsLarge and bright orange flashing light moving strangely9/9/22
8/23/22 21:30OaklandCAUSACylinder1/2 second to 1 secondFast moving tic tac shaped craft flew over head illuminated only by city lights.9/9/22
8/23/22 21:00ChillicotheOHUSALightLess than a minuteThree very bright lights appeared suddenly, silently and hovered9/9/22
8/23/22 21:00South PhoenixAZUSALight3 mins at leastMultiple lights appear around on the mountain.9/9/22
8/23/22 20:20West MilfordNJUSALight20 secondsDistant bright light flying in erratic pattern traveling from west to east at sunset.9/9/22
8/23/22 19:35New YorkNYUSAChevronJust a few secondsLarge, silent chevron/boomerange craft moving across Manhattan, NY--seen from Central Park9/9/22
8/23/22 16:25PortolaCAUSAChevron45 secondsIn the sky stayed for a minute. Saw it change directions and then disappeared9/9/22Yes
8/23/22 10:00SpokaneWAUSASphere+/-One hourShape shifting chrome spheres9/9/22Yes
8/23/22 00:25DetroitMIUSALightIt’s still thereStarted as a possible bright star, but the sky is cloudy so it made me suspicious. Then I saw a bright light with 2 90deg angle lights9/9/22Yes
8/22/22 23:15KenmoreWAUSACross1 hr +5 flying objects with super bright lights9/9/22
8/22/22 22:00DoylestownPAUSACircleWas overhead while drivinCircular object with green and red lights9/9/22
8/22/22 22:00Oregon CityORUSATeardrop4 minutesMoved up down and sideways the disappeared9/9/22
8/22/22 21:55MIUSADiskApproximately 1 minuteA band of evenly spaced lights around a disk craft floated silently over to lake michigan but disappeared without a trace in an instant9/9/22
8/22/22 21:55DarringtonWAUSACircle20Pulsating circle, very bright took an erratic turn and disappeared in a bright flash.9/9/22
8/22/22 21:42CalgaryABCanadaOval10 minutesCraft in northern sky caught my eye as it was stationary and glowing green with flashing lights.9/9/22Yes
8/22/22 21:30Miles cityUSALight5 minIt was a ton of lights surfing across the sky that didn't look like satellites.9/9/22Yes
8/22/22 21:27Friend Park. West of Laramie Mountain, WyomingWYUSAFormation20 secondsString of bright lights going from West to East. Seemed to end in the same spot. Observed the same lights, night before9/9/22
8/22/22 21:15WoodstockONCanadaCircle1 mimVery Brite strange green blinking in the distance on a stormy night. 5000ft above neighbor's house. Once I recorded, it moves.9/9/22
8/22/22 21:00BelgiumWIUSAOther40 secondsConveyor belt like lights moving from northwest to southeast9/9/22
8/22/22 20:55Town of Green LakeWIUSALightabout 30 seconds8:55 pm, Aug 22, 2022 a single string of lighted objects appeared, extending from Ursa Major to 130 deg ESE. 80 degree above horizon9/9/22
8/22/22 20:50EvansvilleINUSASphere5 minutesVery large orange sphere that sucked in on itself and then released energy and was gone9/9/22
8/22/22 19:30BoulderCOUSADisk15 minutesUFO, didn’t look like a jet, pretty high. Came south, went east, came back west.9/9/22
8/22/22 15:30Guemes IslandWAUSACircle20 minutes5 White Circles with Orange Centers flying in straight lines across the sky9/9/22
8/22/22 14:45WindsorONCanadaSphere.25 secondsSaw something black in the sky and pulled out my iPhone.9/9/22
8/22/22 11:20Just after Springfield IllinoisILUSAOther15 minutesBlack craft at puffy cloud top level hovering back and forth between clouds9/9/22
8/22/22 07:50BoulderCOUSASphere30 secondsA sphere materialized and flashed twice before quickly dissipating / dematerializing.9/9/22
8/21/22 23:30Payson aznullCircle1 htIn payson campground near Munds park9/9/22
8/21/22 23:00RumneyNHUSACigar30 secondsSaw a cigar shaped craft in the sky for about a minute. I have full video documentation.9/9/22
8/21/22 21:48Washington DCDCUSALight20 secondsFast moving light in sky over Washington DC9/9/22
8/21/22 21:35IndioCAUSACigarBright light hoveringWe don't know what we saw but there was a bright light and then disappeared faintly .9/9/22
8/21/22 21:15ClovisCAUSALight25-30 secondsPulsing white light, flies like an aircraft but at insane speed for the apparent altitude, then vanishes in a bright flash.9/9/22
8/21/22 20:55FairwaterWIUSAOrb15 to 20 secondsAt 8:55 pm on August 21, 2022 a string of 50 to 100 lights were observed crossing the face of Cassiopeia traveling from WNW to ESE.9/9/22
8/21/22 17:55GibbonNEUSACigarThirty seconds both timesCigar-ish object traveled first SE to SW then returned and went SW to SE five minutes later.9/9/22
8/21/22 15:20WolfeggBaden-WürttembergGermanyOvalMaximal: 1.SekundeSilver oval-like object that races through the video for a maximum of half a second, I took a picture of this video.9/9/22
8/21/22 09:55AlbuquerqueNMUSAOther2minTwo craft flying SE across NM sky9/9/22
8/21/22 04:55Arizona CityAZUSAUnknown15 secondsSilent fast large object in the A.M. Arizona sky9/9/22
8/21/22 01:30TorontoONCanadaLight4-5 minutes7 days ago, I thought I saw the greatest single meteor in decades of watching the Perseid meteor showers. Tonight, I saw something else9/9/22
8/20/22 23:30New HavenCTUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsA large unknown shaped object with bright lights hovering near the highway!9/9/22
8/20/22 23:02LehiUTUSAUnknown30 minsNoticed a very bright star, but it suddenly faded completely dark. Reappeared and began filming. Recorded it fading to black again.9/9/22
8/20/22 22:30ElkhornNEUSATriangle2 minutesMassive/close row of non blinking lights gliding slowly and disappearing into Big Dipper this wasn’t the satellites we’ve seen those9/9/22
8/20/22 22:03Mt vernonSDUSACircle2 minutesThe brightness of the spiraling white light of spaceships was phenomenal9/9/22
8/20/22 22:00RichlandWAUSAChanging1 minuteNear Hanford, cigar shape turned into single light, then left when trying to take a picture9/9/22Yes
8/20/22 21:10CincinnatiOHUSALight5 minutesMy wife and 3 out of 4 of my children witnessed the sighting, the youngest are twins age 10.9/9/22
8/20/22 20:44WalkertownNCUSACircle1-2 minThey were formed in a square. 4 reddish orangish lights. By the time I was videoing three had vanished and the last one disappeared9/9/22
8/20/22 17:00Phoenix/ ahwatukeeAZUSACircleTwo minutesSmall black donut. Hole in center looked smooth9/9/22
8/20/22 11:32DossTXUSACircle12 minutesI was laying in my bed looking at the stars through a cabin window when I dozed off I woke up and saw a bright light above the horizon.9/9/22Yes
8/20/22 03:45ChicoCAUSAChangingApprox 3hrs or moreI was looking at an object changing shape and color and moving oddly9/9/22Yes
8/20/22 03:40ChicoCAUSAChangingOver an hourThe object was changing shapes and color9/9/22Yes
8/20/22 00:17West HillsCAUSAOval7 secondsFast, bright, east to west travel and complete stop.9/9/22
8/19/22 23:30VenturaCAUSAFireballFireball seen blazing across the skies in Ventura, Ca.9/9/22
8/19/22 22:50Oak HarborWAUSAFormation2 minutesAppeared like comet, then the long string of 25-30 lights silently glided directly over head. Disappeared, travelled 50 miles in 1 min9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 22:45NampaIDUSAUnknown20sec-NWsky-7to8k ft. upRibbon of light-several mls wide-several mls long-moving in wave motion, visible/invisible/visible again possibly due to high clouds.9/9/22
8/19/22 22:45CharltonMAUSACircle50 secondsI was driving down a hill road and saw it in the sky9/9/22
8/19/22 22:43NampaIDUSACigar10Too many people saw it wonder what it was9/9/22
8/19/22 22:16AnnandaleMNUSACigar2 min bright, faint 2hrsBlinking lights that move toward us then up and slowly faded.9/9/22
8/19/22 22:11West FargoNDUSALightApproximately 20 secondsA light that looked initially like a fluorescent glided from the west toward the east9/9/22
8/19/22 22:10Pine city townshipMNUSACylinder20 to 30 secondsCylindrical formation of bright white light9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 22:00Big flatsNYUSAChangingAbout 30-45 secondsWent to take a picture when it took off up more.9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 22:00Near StarbuckMNUSARectangle3 minutesLow floating 1/4 block long rectangular white light moving object9/9/22
8/19/22 22:00CharlotteVTUSACigarAbout 10 secondsA double row of white lights that appeared about 6 inches long and 1/2 inch apart (if I held a ruler up) and moving slowly.9/9/22
8/19/22 22:00AlburghVTUSACigar5-10 minutesDisc/Cigar shaped craft floats/hovers over tree line9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:50GloversvilleNYUSACigar30-40 secondsLarge blimp-like object in the night sky was visible to us until it disappeared.9/9/22
8/19/22 21:45Red CreekNYUSALight3 minutesStraight line with dotted lights that changed length slowly. Came about a mile from us then faded out over Lake Ontario.9/9/22
8/19/22 21:45Monhegan IslandNHUSACylinder25 secondsAppeared below the Big Dipper and continued up towards it for about 25 seconds before vanishing.9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:45Spafford LakeNHUSACigar3 minutesThe cigar was on an angle moving towards us it had a flash of light and at the end it just disappeared9/9/22
8/19/22 21:45GrayMEUSALight15 minutesLong thick white brute lite . Have picture of it and only resemblance of starling is the line but this line much thicker9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:45MontrealQuebecCanadaOther30 secondsSaw two rows of light near each other flying at a approx 45 degree angle into the clouds9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:41CareyUSALight2 Minutes13 Weird lights in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:40SalemNYUSADisk20 minutesSaw spaceship lift off ground then jets were scrambled towards it.9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:40BerlinNHUSAOther5 minutesLights moving toward us9/9/22Yes
8/19/22 21:38DexterMEUSACigar2 MinutesLights appeared in the NE, slowly moving towards SW, after pulling over my car to see better, they vanished.9/9/22
8/19/22 21:37FerrisburgVTUSAOther5 minutesStraight line of 12-15 lights traveling east away from Lake Champlain.9/9/22
8/19/22 21:16TownsendMTUSARectangle40 secondsA single bright rectangular light descending from the sky9/9/22
8/19/22 21:15NNW of Lake George VillageNYUSADiskAbout 30 MinsRed and white light disk shaped9/9/22
8/19/22 21:15Jeffrey CityWYUSACigar2-3 minutesI saw a cigar shaped object slowly moving west to east about 10° above horizon.9/9/22
8/19/22 10:45METHUENMAUSALight10 seconds eachVery high in the atmosphere and at very high speed two objects shot across the sky.9/9/22
8/19/22 05:50IndianapolisINUSALightUnsure, a couple secondsI saw a strange light that seemed to stretch in length before disappearing9/9/22
8/19/22 03:00Clallam BayWAUSADisk1minSaucer shape with neon purple rings seen hovering through trees hovering over campsite then moving westward over ocean out of site.9/9/22
8/19/22 02:30GatlinburgTNUSAOther20 minuteaI saw a T shaped “cloud” in the sky but it was isolated and not moving and it was brighter then the other clouds on the sky.9/9/22Yes
8/18/22 22:30BentonILUSASphere3 to 5 minutesAmber glowing sphere moving across sky9/9/22
8/18/22 22:13HendersonvilleTNUSAOther30-35 secondsSomething in the sky but not far high in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/18/22 21:00PhoenixAZUSALight15 seconds2 set of lights streaking across sky from north to south.9/9/22
8/18/22 20:54RosevilleCAUSATriangle1.5 minutesThree large, low-hovering bright triangle shaped crafts.9/9/22
8/18/22 19:30LeavittsburgOHUSAOval50 minutesI could see a translucent oval shape in the clouds.9/9/22
8/18/22 14:00FlushingNYUSADiamond1-2 minutesDiamond Shaped Object9/9/22
8/18/22 07:23fraserburghAberdeenUnited KingdomRectangledissapered 3seconds afteri seen it for a second and then i tried to take another photo but it was gone9/9/22Yes
8/18/22 03:20CAUSAUnknown20 minutesFirst 2 then 5 total UAP well above FL4709/9/22
8/18/22 00:05AshvilleNCUSAUnknown15 secondsLoud electric ringing noise, shaking floor, sputtering engine noise.9/9/22
8/17/22 22:30BentonILUSAOrbApprox 5 minsOrange orb in sky going south south west9/9/22
8/17/22 22:05WaterloovilleUnited KingdomUnknown1-5 minutesA shape making sharp turns and emitting we think EM radiation.9/9/22
8/17/22 21:34MidlandWAUSACircle5 minNo noise bright orange flying in pattern9/9/22
8/17/22 21:30FredericksburgVAUSALight3 minutesWhite light with no blinking lights and no sound flew from the west then turned to the north.9/9/22
8/17/22 20:42New port richeyFLUSAOrb10 minutesSitting from the back patio, the area got completely quiet and a glowing orb appeared over the fence, above the street.9/9/22
8/17/22 19:40MeerutUttar PradeshIndiaSphere1 or 2 minsAppearance of 1 uap fast moving9/9/22
8/17/22 19:20MeerutUttar PradeshIndiaSphere15 minsInitially there was 1 uap than 2 more appeared, later on 3 more were there9/9/22
8/17/22 18:13Las Vegas, NVNVUSAChanging1:13 secondsColorful Shapeshifting UFO9/9/22Yes
8/17/22 07:30WallaceNCUSADiamond10 secondsIt was very high up and diamond shaped.9/9/22Yes
8/17/22 05:02St.CharlesILUSALight8 sec of what i sawit was about the size of the moon in perspective from where i was a incredibly bright light and extremely fast9/9/22
8/17/22 04:06Eagle riverCircle1:49 minIt was moving in a fast circle but juerking side to side and up and down. Then vanished9/9/22Yes
8/17/22 02:38Rising FawnGAUSADiamondLess than one minuteLightning strike off in distance. Craft was low to the ground hovering over a power line. Four lights undercarriage and no sound.9/9/22Yes
8/16/22 22:50SummerfieldFLUSALight3-4 secondsBright white sphere streaking across the sky9/9/22
8/16/22 22:30EnfieldUnited KingdomLight3 mins12 lights all flashing on and off red and green in a grid shape9/9/22Yes
8/16/22 22:21HelenaMTUSAChanginglast 4 daysFor the last week we have seen approx 10 crafts some flying 3 in a line all different separate crafts they will fly over then hover9/9/22
8/16/22 21:32DatelandAZUSALight33 minutesWe seen up to 7 oval lights in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/16/22 21:30AvanosNevsehir ProvinceTurkeyStarMore than 1 minuteI saw four blinking objects in tringle formation9/9/22
8/16/22 21:00SandyUTUSATriangle30 minutesCloaked triangle9/9/22
8/16/22 21:00WhitehallPAUSAOrb45 min and continuesBright orbs that appeared white but occasionally would have a red blink. Not planes, they did not move.9/9/22Yes
8/16/22 09:38Saratoga SpringsUTUSAOrb30 secondsDriving to work I saw bright white orb between Utah Lake and redwood road. It was a clear sky9/9/22
8/15/22 22:20Doral, in Miami floridaFLUSALightFull Vision For 2 secondsWhite light at center with dominant green and blue aura leaving a trail, moved as fast as pointing at the sky and dropping your hand.9/9/22
8/15/22 22:00Half Moon BayCAUSALight3 secondsI saw two high-altitude soft cool light glows, one following the other which looked different than the Perseid meteors.9/9/22
8/15/22 21:30ChinoAmerican SamoaUSALightDoes not leave up to 3Objects move erratically and fast but stay in area9/9/22
8/15/22 21:02Canterbury (Reculver Towers)United KingdomOrb10 mins on and offLarge orange orb gliding above sea level9/9/22Yes
8/15/22 20:50GreenfieldMAUSALight3 minutesFlashing green light moving then stopping then dropping9/9/22
8/15/22 20:15PolsonMTUSACircle2 minutesA very bright circular ball following a military jet.9/9/22
8/15/22 15:00LaytonUTUSAChanging45 secondsBlack spherical object, linear movement, pausing and changing to a somewhat hourglass shape before reverting back to sphere and moving.9/9/22
8/15/22 13:25West ChesterOHUSACross10 secondsSaw large white cross-shaped craft drifting north. Elevation near clouds. After viewing for a few seconds, the object vanished.9/9/22Yes
8/15/22 08:25Church PointLAUSACylinderTen minutesI was going up a ladder to get a bird feeder and I saw a white long shape and I new it was not a air plane it was a Tic Tac UFO9/9/22
8/15/22 03:34WinthropMAUSASphere30 secondsLarge lit in orange’ sphere9/9/22
8/15/22 02:15Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle2 minutesDark triangle in the east sky9/9/22
8/15/22 01:57JessupPAUSAUnknown3-4 MinutesBright light appeared out of nowhere then slowly went up out of camera9/9/22
8/14/22 22:40BaltimoreMDUSACircle20 secondsBall of Light, back & forth, went out of site w a bright blue/purple color, couldn't take my eyes off it.9/9/22
8/14/22 22:15LeaderMNUSAStar5 minutesSeveral very faint and distant looking stars moving fast across sky9/9/22
8/14/22 22:00AndoverMEUSAOval10 seconds or moreLooking at stars with my wife, what we thought was a star suddenly got big and bright and started moving through the sky and pulsing.9/9/22Yes
8/14/22 21:24DurbanKwaZulu-NatalSouth AfricaCircle00:52Moving object flashing different colors in the sky9/9/22
8/14/22 21:21Raquette LakeNYUSAUnknown120 secondsWhile stargazing in the Adirondacks of NY my 14 year old son and I watched for 2 minutes as an uncomfortable amount of lights crossed.9/9/22
8/14/22 20:45MurphysboroILUSAOval5 secondsA bright ball of light with a trail of bright light behind it & possibly in front, which moved horizontally low across a cloudy sky.9/9/22
8/14/22 20:18CorvallisORUSAOval2 minutesWhite object moved slowly through sky with no smoke or noise.9/9/22Yes
8/14/22 13:00escondidoCAUSAChevronmaybe 1 minuteReflective shield/chevron hovering above mountain9/9/22
8/14/22 11:15Saint LouisMOUSAFireballLess than 10 secondsA fireball fell into our neighbor's backyard.9/9/22
8/14/22 05:50willow GrovePAUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsLooked to be 5 brilliant white lights no strobes, looked to be one craft.9/9/22
8/14/22 04:55LaughlinNVUSATwenty minutesBright white lead light9/9/22
8/14/22 03:10OrientalNCUSALight5 minutes3 separate lights moving in formation/Changing formation.9/9/22
8/14/22 01:48HighbridgeEnglandUnited KingdomChevron3 minutesSeen a few meteorites then a string of chevron shaped lights appeared, had enough time to to get phone and photograph9/9/22Yes
8/14/22 01:00CorinthMSUSALightover an hourLights were showing up to our N and slowly fading as they moved toward the SE9/9/22
8/13/22 23:00SomervilleMAUSALight15 SecondsPartner and I went outside to watch the meteor shower at 10:00pm. At ~11:00pm we saw a large, transparent craft making waves of light.9/9/22
8/13/22 22:11HertfordHertfordshireUnited KingdomLight15 MinutesNoticed small white dot that illuminated for a few seconds, this was followed by a further 409/9/22
8/13/22 21:39NaplesNYUSACircle50 seconds to 1 minuteWas watching sky out in front yard and saw a faint light traveling at steady speed no noise gliding through air effortlessly9/9/22
8/13/22 21:35RochesterNYUSAOval3 minutesVery large red glowing oval or cylinder shape object,, appeared9/9/22
8/13/22 21:32DecaturGAUSAStar1 min 39 secondsFireball coming in at cruising speed and then slowly dim into the darkness staying on the same path and speed!9/9/22
8/13/22 21:30PittsboroNCUSAFormation60-90 secondsMultiple distant lights in sky; moving in quick bursts, in ENE direction, pretty close together, but on individually erratic paths.9/9/22
8/13/22 21:20DoylestownOHUSAUnknownCircling lights9/9/22
8/13/22 21:12NaplesNYUSACircle3 miutesWalked out on my deck looked up into the sky as always and saw another circlular object coasting effortlessly through the sky. No sound9/9/22
8/13/22 21:10PalmdaleCAUSAChangingApprox 10 minsLight formations9/9/22
8/13/22 21:01BuxtonMEUSATriangle3 minutesDirect overhead fly over with good video9/9/22Yes
8/13/22 20:30Santa RosaCAUSAOrb15 minutesOrbs comming out of the mountain over the city of Santa Rosa9/9/22
8/13/22 16:25WenonahNJUSASphere20 minWhite shiny sphere hovering then traveling very slowly from N to S then 90 degree turn east. Possibly two tone black/wht.9/9/22Yes
8/13/22 14:48Hot SpringsARUSAChanging90 secondsReflective sphere that morphs to looking like a square moving accross a mountian ridge then dips into a valley blending into the trees9/9/22Yes
8/13/22 03:20NampaIDUSALight30 minutes of observingSaw a big explosion in sky within seconds the 1st ufo appeared was flying in strange pattern and hovering. 2nd was seen 20 min later9/9/22
8/13/22 01:30ClevelandOHUSA2 hoursTone in the air.9/9/22
8/13/22 01:00Between Corinth and BurnsvilleMSUSALightaprx 10 sSaw the light pulsate 5 times while moving toward the SE.9/9/22
8/13/22 00:07EurekaCAUSAChanging90 secCaptured pics of glowing ufo9/9/22
8/13/22 00:01Chapel HillNCUSAStar15 minutesSatellite with red and blue lights flew close by then 3 distant satellites disappeared within seconds of each other9/9/22
8/12/22 22:30CentrevilleMDUSACircle5 + minutesPulsating and moving light that changed colors9/9/22Yes
8/12/22 21:54ClintonILUSACylinderSpiral light flashing in the sky9/9/22Yes
8/12/22 18:30BerkleyMIUSACircle25 minutes6 stationary objects very high in a clear sky. One object was stationary but rotating.9/9/22
8/12/22 05:30AbbevilleMSUSA1 minuteI don't believe what I saw was a craft.9/9/22
8/12/22 02:07FranklintonLAUSALightOver 30 minutes5 lights in my neighbors field that blinked and spun.9/9/22
8/12/22 02:00NYNYUSAStar25+ minStar like object pulsing, above it a spuratic light pulsing and changing locations. Something shot down to earth large orange oval.9/9/22Yes
8/11/22 23:00YoungstownNYUSALight1 secondNo light seen beforehand, light comes out of nowhere and drops below treeline within a second.9/9/22
8/11/22 22:15DuvallLightA few minutesSmall light in night sky moving in an unnatural way and unlike any known aircraft.9/9/22
8/11/22 22:08LebanonORUSATriangleFour minutesA stationary or slow moving object either dimly lit or illuminated by the moon.9/9/22Yes
8/11/22 22:05WayneNEUSADiamond30 secondsWe saw a bright diamond shape fly across the sky.9/9/22
8/11/22 22:00Union SpringsNYUSAUnknown20 minutesHovering bright light thought to possibly be Venus near the horizon intensity grew brighter then it turned north until out of sight.9/9/22
8/11/22 21:30West MoleseySurreyUnited KingdomLight30 minsBright white light silently moving East to West at impossible speed back at least 6 times over 30 minute period.9/9/22
8/11/22 21:14WillimanticCTUSATriangle3minutes2 craft flying side by side9/9/22
8/11/22 20:59LeicesterLeicestershireUnited KingdomUnknown20 minsUnexplainable bright object in sky9/9/22Yes
8/11/22 20:57Newcastle-Under-LymeStaffordshireUnited KingdomLight5 minutesA moving/hovering light appeared and then disappeared whilst observing9/9/22
8/11/22 20:15AFTONVAUSAOval3 camera shotsCapturing cloud pics on iPhone in eve at 2015, 2016 and 2020 AFTON Va9/9/22Yes
8/11/22 01:00CovingtonWAUSATriangle3 seconds aboutWe were driving by the real life church to McDonald’s and I saw the “thing” to my right, and my friend saw a craft while we were eating9/9/22
8/10/22 23:45YoungstownNYUSALight15 minutesSee one craft darting around all directions in the sky. Then something zips over the tree-line literally right in front of us.9/9/22
8/10/22 23:15Huntington BeachCAUSAUnknown10 minutesSlow moving and looked like it was floating and on fire. Saw it first at roof height. saw it last at about 1000ft or higher.9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 23:10romaLazioItalyCirclenon lo soBlue light in a circle and blue lines in it9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 22:29Maple ValleyWAUSASphere45 minutesA bright light in the sky9/9/22
8/10/22 22:09EverettWAUSACylinder1 minuteI was alone when I looked out the patio door and saw a fast white dot when it passed a tree this light started to spin.9/9/22
8/10/22 22:00LaceyWAUSACircle30 minFiery red egg shaped object rose above tree line and maneuvered up and down for 30 seconds9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 21:42SacramentoCAUSACircle3minsOne light appeared then suddenly another and same location. But moved opposite directions nether blinked and both zoomed out of view.9/9/22
8/10/22 20:50NorcrossGAUSAOval15 SecondsI was driving home and was able to get a quick picture of this object.9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 20:40USALight2-3 secondsblue-white bright light resembling Venus or the ISS.9/9/22
8/10/22 20:27East LymeCTUSAFormationLess than a second25-50ppl on Hole In The Wall boardwalk viewing rising supermoon, none of us saw it w/naked eyes. I captured on cell camera.9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 19:31Sierra MadreCAUSAChevron30 secondsWas taking photo of strange cloud formation over the moon. First picture shows9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 19:30Gulf ShoresALUSALight12 to 15 minutesIt seemed like a biggish drone except silent, faster than drones we know about, and the time in the air was way more than any drone.9/9/22
8/10/22 16:15TauntonMAUSACigarI seen for about a minLooked like a Very low plane with no wings and wasn't moving9/9/22
8/10/22 11:19Orange CityFLUSACigar10 secsThought it was a blimp (could be) but I had a weird feeling when seeing it and it had this haze & was straddling the bottom of clouds.9/9/22
8/10/22 05:11MadisonMOUSARectangleApproximately 3 minutesWatching for meteors, saw what look like a cloud to the north in the shape of a very defined rectangle.9/9/22
8/10/22 04:40Shinglehouse paArmeniaCigar30 secondsVery Long lit up cigar shaped object traveling west to East9/9/22
8/10/22 03:16New YorkNYUSALight10 seconds1 super bright light 1 dimmer9/9/22
8/10/22 02:33BroctonNYUSASeen them last 2 weeksThey look to be a multi colored light but up close they are 3 to 4 lights spinning around each other9/9/22
8/10/22 02:00KellerTXUSACircle2 min 18 secI saw a light from a distance zig zag left to right9/9/22
8/9/22 23:30London eastCity of LondonUnited KingdomLight30-40minsPulsating light that changed colour9/9/22
8/9/22 22:45OshkoshWIUSACone10 minutes ar LeastIn eastern sky noticed randomly moving bright object so I went in and got phone to take pics and videos.9/9/22Yes
8/9/22 22:10OrlandoFLUSATriangle5minComing home from WDW, we observed a hovering object9/9/22Yes
8/9/22 19:53FLUSADisk4 minutesWas on my way home from work and saw a huge disc shaped UFO it was black semi naked eye9/9/22Yes
8/9/22 19:32Camden pointMOUSACigar1 1/2 minutes long I saw a white cigar shape/ paper towel roll shape object, white in color, no wings, no sound flying very slow , headed north.9/9/22
8/9/22 05:40Mountain HomeARUSAChanging15 minutesSparkling light stationary with various colors near the horizon before dawn.9/9/22
8/9/22 03:30TijuanaBaja CaliforniaMexicoLight5 seconds roughlyGreen blue propulsion with sharp banking manuever9/9/22
8/9/22 03:26El PasoTXUSAUnknownSeveral minutesVisit happend in dream. It's not the 1st time. They give me a mission I don't know how to complete. They send me on my way and say I-9/9/22
8/9/22 00:26West of Montrose CO.COUSALightApproximately 10 to 12 miLarge lights red blue white hanging and oscillating in sky.. Have seen it 3 times, same place and then just vanishes9/9/22
8/8/22 23:45CincinnatiOHUSAFormation5 secondsAlmost midnight, two dark unlit objects, maybe boomerang shaped, flying close formation, glided by swiftly and silently9/9/22
8/8/22 22:30ChicagoILUSASphere2 hoursThree orangish warm light emanating hovering in the southwest. They would descend until out of sight and some would come back.9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 22:15ChicagoILUSALight90 minutesDowntown Chicago 3 bright lights hovering in night sky9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 22:15FinksburgUSALight6 secondsSaw shootings star and about a minute later same spot a bright light was sitting in that spot like it was coming to me then shot fast9/9/22
8/8/22 22:00PacificMOUSAChangingTen minutesObject came across sky and appeared to be crashing airplane then went at 45 degree angle incredible fast back into sky9/9/22
8/8/22 20:24Little Egg Harbor TwpNJUSAOrb3 minutes and 1 minuteSaw three glowing orbs9/9/22
8/8/22 17:49FirestoneCOUSAFormation1 minuteSaw two white spaceships come together and went from white to invisible. Saw another spaceship above them9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 15:37CardiffWalesUnited KingdomDiamondapprox 9 minutesBright shape moving very slowly from north to south,9/9/22
8/8/22 13:17Great FallsMTUSACircle1 minuteTwo floating objects were observed for about 1 minute. Flying in alignment and tandem. Faded off to the west.9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 12:40HarrisburgPAUSATriangleStill on skyCircle light, triangle lights came out around it. It went away(up) barely visible , then disappeared and the came back.9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 10:52Chula VistaCAUSACircleAbout 10 MinutesI was walking to class when me and my friends saw a possible UFO in the sky9/9/22
8/8/22 08:50Salt lake cityUTUSATeardrop5 minutesSaw a unidentified object moving silently through the sky above tree level.9/9/22Yes
8/8/22 04:30CottonwoodCAUSACircle4 minutesIt changed color and disappeared9/9/22
8/8/22 01:15BloomingtonINUSACircle60 seconds2 black circles flying through the clouds9/9/22
8/8/22 00:00GraysonLAUSAChanging2 hours multiple objectsMultiple objects for the 4th night in a row. 12am to 2am9/9/22
8/7/22 22:50Apple valleyCAUSALight4-5 minutes34°36'05"N 117°05'34"W9/9/22
8/7/22 22:45SammamishWAUSAEgg5 secondsI saw a green egg shaped object flying in the sky heading north.9/9/22
8/7/22 22:30MorgantownWVUSAFireball2+ hoursUFO bounces and zips infront of house for over 2 hours9/9/22
8/7/22 21:59RichmondvilleNYUSALight~ 5 minutesTemporary Light illuminated SW sky - 4 point of light rays9/9/22Yes
8/7/22 21:25MobileALUSATriangleLess than 45 secondsI was outside and looked up and saw a triangular shape flying few seconds later it disappeared with a flash of light.9/9/22
8/7/22 21:20WeatherlyPAUSACircle1 minuteSeen a plane flying east and above it at least 2 times higher than the plane a circular light was traveling opposite direction9/9/22
8/7/22 20:15Crystal City, ArlingtonVAUSAOval12 secondsWas eating dinner on the terrace with my friend when I saw this tic tac moving through a clear sky9/9/22Yes
8/7/22 17:30LexingtonKYUSAOrb15 to 20 secondsStationary orb, very bright and very high altitude.9/9/22
8/7/22 15:37West SpringfieldMAUSAUnknownApprox. 20 SecondsTraveled west to east, then slightly curved off. No lights and pigmented gray, did match the night sky and was quite.9/9/22
8/7/22 13:00Named in the videoGermanyCigarAndreas TrimmelIt was one thing.9/9/22
8/7/22 12:00GraysonLAUSAOver a 2 hour periodMultiple sightings for 2 hours straight for 3 consecutive nights.9/9/22
8/7/22 07:31Over Toledo bend lakeTXUSATriangleMaybe a minuteI noticed it when it came up through the cloud. It made a plume with the cloud. Seems to hover a little and then disappeared.9/9/22
8/7/22 06:29BradentonFLUSACircleabout 2 minutesA very bright circle of light came from the southwest and moved across the sky to the northeast and disappeared.9/9/22
8/7/22 03:30LebanonOHUSAUnknown3 minutesA vertically orientied and tight collection of dozens and dozens of random, blinking lights.9/9/22
8/7/22 03:00GridleyCAUSAOval30 secondsSuper bright green oval9/9/22
8/7/22 01:00TacomaWAUSACircle3-4 hrsA cluster of blue- white lights descending slowly into forest9/9/22Yes
8/7/22 00:30VineyardUTUSAChevronMy friend and I both saw a translucent chevron shape flying through the night sky.9/9/22
8/7/22 00:11WaterloovilleUnited KingdomCircle20 minute's4 different circles making 90 degree turns that were in a pattern but not coordinated with a weird green white glow.9/9/22
8/7/22 00:00HickoryNCUSALight10-12 minutesI took my dog outside to the backyard one last time before bed, blue light about size of basketball circling my house9/9/22
8/6/22 23:30ConiferCOUSAOrbTwenty secondsGlimpse of thirty-foot diameter orb that can only be described as an "orb of dark red fire"9/9/22
8/6/22 23:11SpokaneWAUSACircle5 secondsA circular or ovular craft moving at high speed SW to NE which left a light blue to lavender-blue ripple/ haze in its wake9/9/22
8/6/22 22:37ItascaTXUSALightA little over a hour1 was red , floating then shot straight up & disappear, 2 were basically white with some blue, they were hovering over the solar farm9/9/22
8/6/22 21:35WarminsterWiltshireUnited KingdomCircle30 minutesSaw two circle shaped lights flying in sync for 30 minutes9/9/22
8/6/22 21:30LebanonTNUSALight1 minuteStrange lights appeared then disappeared9/9/22
8/6/22 21:15BramptonONCanadaDisk1 minuteWas shocking at first, not knowing what it was but when it left I had a very good idea9/9/22
8/6/22 21:00FriantCAUSAChangingApprox. 1 minute"Ribbon" of light materialized on disk shaped object9/9/22
8/6/22 20:45Mt. PleasantWIUSASphere4-5 minutesTwo lights, one following the other crossed the sky. leisurely pace, from SW to NE.9/9/22
8/6/22 20:30IndianapolisINUSACircle2 minutesCircular black object with two protrusions floating just under the cloud line9/9/22
8/6/22 20:12GodleyTXUSAOther21I saw something in the sky it was very bright and kinda dazzling it had a circle in front and at diamond shape on the back.9/9/22
8/6/22 20:09LittletonCOUSACylinderApprox 11-15 secNo sound or lights9/9/22Yes
8/6/22 19:27CaldwellIDUSALight10 minutes7 lights and peering above Caldwell Idaho disappeared after 10 minutes9/9/22
8/6/22 17:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknownAbout one (1) minuteI saw approximately 5 aluminum/silver objects flying at high speed from south to north over the Sandia Mountains9/9/22
8/6/22 17:00BloomingtonINUSA30 secondsBlack tic-tac shaped ufo. Moved with insane speed9/9/22
8/6/22 15:15Erie, Presque IslePAUSAFormation2-3 minutesOne sphere become 2 then 3 then 4. They change formation from triangle to a straight line then went up and disappeared9/9/22
8/6/22 11:50ChilliwackBCCanadaOther2hrsSingular no moving9/9/22Yes
8/6/22 06:21High SpringsFLUSACross40+ minutesSaw a cross-shaped ball of light moving very, very slowly and steadily straight upwards in the east.9/9/22Yes
8/6/22 05:23Garden CitySCUSAOrb14:03Luminous orbs in night sky over beach area9/9/22Yes
8/6/22 03:48LanesvilleINUSAUnknown1 secondA large, white object flew across the sky. It had to be low to the ground for the size of the light. At indescribable speed.9/9/22
8/6/22 03:00MurrietaCAUSACircleAlmost two hoursBlue circle moving in different directions.9/9/22
8/6/22 02:23Michigan CityINUSAUnknownlonger than an hourI honestly can’t explain what i saw, it moved but never out of sight or even very far, i honestly don’t know.9/9/22
8/6/22 01:00TruchasNMUSAChanging7 minutesI watched these change shape and fly off upwards fast.9/9/22
8/6/22 00:02Circle35 minutesSighting heading northwest from San Juan to Tampa 8/6/229/9/22
8/5/22 23:06LiverpoolLiverpoolUnited KingdomLight32 secondsThe short event I recorded shows an unexplained light moving unnaturally9/9/22Yes
8/5/22 22:30KensingtonNHUSAChanging30-40 minutesBright yellow lights in a changing formation9/9/22
8/5/22 22:12Ocean ShoresWAUSAFormation15 secondsLooking in the direction of cassiopeia, Two formations flew from west to east quickly.9/9/22
8/5/22 21:30HonoluluHIUSACircle4 secondsMeteor sized dot, north to south at similar speed of a meteor.9/9/22
8/5/22 21:09AmherstNYUSATriangle30 secondsThree red lights in front of clouds9/9/22
8/5/22 19:56RedmondORUSAChevronOne minute.While flying my drone at approximately 200 feet I observed and object above it at about 2000 feet.9/9/22
8/5/22 01:00San DiegoCAUSALight12 minutesVery slow moving bright light that "jumped" in a zig-zag pattern at times.9/9/22
8/5/22 00:30PocatelloIDUSASphere1-2 secondsBright green sphere seen before flying into clouds.9/9/22Yes
8/5/22 00:00MechanicsvilleMDUSATriangle2 sightings 20s eachDriving when I saw triangle craft, bright lights, weird maneuvers9/9/22
8/4/22 23:49RossvilleGAUSATriangle6 minutesSaw large triangle hovering right below moon9/9/22
8/4/22 23:30MinneapolisMNUSATriangle5 - 7 secondsIt was the OUTLINE of an irregular shaped triangle, made up of bright red light, moving low in the sky.9/9/22
8/4/22 23:25GahannaOHUSATriangleAbout 20-40 secondaSaw what appeared to be a triangle shaped craft with 5 lights coming from it. Appeared like headlights9/9/22
8/4/22 22:18unknownSaxonyGermanyCigar2-3 secondsThe craft can be seen at minute 03:44 in the German News "Tagesthemen" as of August 4, 2022, 22:15, minute 03.44.9/9/22Yes
8/4/22 21:15Fountain HillsAZUSATriangle5 seconds200 ft above ground, size of Cessna, silent, fixed wings, heading North towards Rio Verde9/9/22
8/4/22 20:40Jersey citynullUnknown10 minutes atleastGreen light with uneven trajectory and abnormally high speed9/9/22
8/4/22 20:30LOUISIANAMOUSALight45 secOff left side of a plane until it changed and went UP?9/9/22
8/4/22 20:00OtsegoMIUSACigar3 minutesA white object moving straight up in the sky with an airplane close by9/9/22
8/4/22 19:49HartfordMEUSAChanging2 minutes2 extremely shiny crafts9/9/22
8/4/22 13:09Grand HavenMIUSACylinderLess than a minuteNoticed the object in the NE it traveled west .9/9/22Yes
8/4/22 03:34TylertownMSUSACircle30 min.A big round craft with bright lights no sound.9/9/22
8/4/22 00:40IrvineCAUSA3 minutesTwo alien were scanning me9/9/22
8/3/22 23:31Colorado spring’sCOUSACircle6 seconds or soMoved like it curved,had white/blueish lights, whistling.9/9/22
8/3/22 23:04WinchesterKYUSATriangle10 sec.Three lights in a triangle , not blinking, fast moving.9/9/22
8/3/22 22:45AberdeenNCUSALightApproximately 30 seconds.Orange light grew in size/intensity while stationary, flew north, stopped, then disappeared.9/9/22
8/3/22 22:45LindenTNUSAOrbHoursLighted craft, moves like a drone usually, changes color, and brightness, emits no sound, darts at extreme speed occasionally, etc.9/9/22Yes
8/3/22 22:00Bryant’s CoveNFCanadaFireball10 to 15 secondsSaw a blue/green flaming orb crash down into a hill, that we refer to as the ridge. 10x the size of a flare, but was orb shaped.9/9/22
8/3/22 21:40NapaCAUSACircle40 secTwo crafts flying low to ground about car size zoomed above our heads making no sound but displacing a lot of air.9/9/22
8/3/22 17:55HampdenMAUSADisk5 secondsSomething caught my eye tonthe East. When I looked, it was a gun metal grey disk. The next couple of seconds it bolted north.9/9/22
8/3/22 12:15Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown3 YearsI have a chip in my neck9/9/22
8/3/22 10:46OxfordCTUSAUnknown10 secondsA creature ran across my driveway9/9/22
8/3/22 09:56PoughkeepsieNYUSACircleLess than a minuteI was going to work and I saw this very odd shaped thing in the sky and I thought it was a plane but it wasn’t. It was silver9/9/22
8/3/22 06:25KilleenTXUSACross15 minWas walking the dogs in the cool morning, and as the sun was coming up I noticed in the East sky,a gold craft with silver wings9/9/22
8/3/22 05:00NewbergORUSAOrb10 minsGlowing hovering Oregon light9/9/22Yes
8/3/22 00:51Fort myersFLUSACirclearound 30 secondsI was on reading on balcony and heard a whale sound so i looked up and saw the ufo9/9/22
8/3/22 00:07PloverWIUSACircleAbout an hourTwo dark circles above the clouds hovered in the same spot for an hour9/9/22Yes
8/2/22 23:45Panama CityFLUSAStarAbout 3 secondsMy cousin and I were on the balcony watching stars, when suddenly one of them dropped rapidly, stopped, then slowly began moving right.9/9/22
8/2/22 21:05fredericksburgVAUSAEgglasted about 2 1/2 minuteCraft 1 mile in the air bright neon green moved at lightning speed top was shaped like an egg but had a flat base9/9/22
8/2/22 20:25GrantsvilleUTUSATeardrop1 Hour ~Upside down tear drop in the sky West of Tooele valley. (likely balloon)9/9/22Yes
8/2/22 19:28LompocCAUSACircle5 secondsMe and my girlfriend saw a bright circle in the sky and it disappeared super fast.9/9/22
8/2/22 12:45OkemosMIUSAChangingAbout 8 minsIt would move quickly from side to side9/9/22Yes
8/2/22 07:05Fort LeavenworthKSUSAOther1-2 minutesUAP no contrail or visible propulsion playing with commercial aircraft9/9/22
8/1/22 22:50CocoyocMorelosMexicoCircle5-7 secondsCircular object with a cloud like formation around the light no sound and very fast.9/9/22
8/1/22 22:30Atlantic CityNJUSAFormation4 hours +Myself and my girlfriend observed 50 + objects deployed from a larger stationary object9/9/22
8/1/22 22:00AlbanyNYUSAChangingOver an hour, or moreThere was no sounds, near airport, red lights with green on bottom.9/9/22
8/1/22 21:55Grand SalineTXUSAChanging10 secondsBright light changing colors and moving up and down.9/9/22
8/1/22 21:47Canoga ParkCAUSALightFive SecondsFirst glance thought it was Venus UNTIL immediately noticing how much bigger, brighter, and flickering this object was. NOT Venus 100%.9/9/22
8/1/22 21:30KingsportFireballIt lasted for about 25 miThe clouds was reflecting different colors. Then out of know where a object just shot thru the sky. It's all on film9/9/22
8/1/22 20:30PrestonMDUSAChanging5-10 secondsSaw 4 bright orbs materialize in formation then disappear. Witnessed a military helicopter chasing them.9/9/22
8/1/22 03:30PoundVAUSALight5 to 10 minsLook at the night sky through my binoculars and seen little white dots zooming across the sky.9/9/22
8/1/22 03:20TucsonAZUSALight40 minutesThree of us outside looking up started flashing my flashlight at light then it started instantaneous maneuvers circles altitude changes9/9/22
7/31/22 21:59West LafayetteOHUSALight4 minutesBright circle light moving through sky.9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 21:45Burr RidgeILUSAOtherStrange red, blue and black craft in the sky and green light below it just above the tree line9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 21:25Lingan, Cape Breton IslandNSCanadaCylinder1-2 minutesWe were waiting for fireworks to start across the harbour when we noticed it...9/9/22
7/31/22 21:15ConwaySCUSAOrbLess than a minuteRound bright white light go in a straight line like I’m in Conway Hills heading like going Columbia South Carolina Way9/9/22
7/31/22 21:11KeyserWVUSAOrb2 minutesSaw an orb that interacted with me.9/9/22
7/31/22 20:43gresshamORUSAUnknownless than a minuteA single soft red light that pulsed three times then disappeared9/9/22
7/31/22 20:30EddyvilleKYUSAChanging1minute or more3 craft were flying. 2 disappeared 1 hovered, made 90 degree turn, then became an oval balloon looking craft, then disappeared9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 20:20CarpinteriaCAUSADiamond60 secondsI saw this disk above my head I just can't think of what it could be9/9/22
7/31/22 17:00TacomaWAUSAOrb25 minMultiple bright lights9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 10:26SyossetCircle1 hrWhite round9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 09:57CharlotteNCUSACircle1 minuteBright white light that moved fairly quickly then turned red and dim until no longer visible NOT ISS9/9/22
7/31/22 06:30BurnetTXUSACircle5 minutesTook 3 photos . It changed shape progressively9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 02:30SeattleWAUSAFormation1 minuteViewed 3 lights in a line and another single light fly in formation over Puget sound from South to north9/9/22
7/31/22 02:00NaplesFLUSARectangleAt least 30 minBright white light looks square9/9/22Yes
7/31/22 01:00TacomaWAUSALight3 yrsLights in forest and coming into my room, during day it looks a silhouette of transparent heat waves,9/9/22
7/31/22 01:00Near Chicago AreanullOrb15 to 30 secondsBright light, almost like a very bright star, slowly hovering laterally, then making a turn back above the clouds9/9/22
7/30/22 23:05FremontCAUSADisk3 secondsFastest UFO flying very close9/9/22
7/30/22 23:01Bella VistaARUSACigar2:00 MinutesA disk that had lights on it hovered over the lake and disappeared in a blink of an eye.9/9/22
7/30/22 22:35DorchesterMAUSARectangle2 hoursLooked up & saw a large pulsing ball of light. Took video & enlarged it 2x’s & noticed it’s actually a rectangle of light9/9/22Yes
7/30/22 21:25Dalton GardensIDUSAOrb1 minuteSatellite type of light moving horizontally west to east disappearing9/9/22
7/30/22 21:12PhiladelphiaPAUSAOrb5 minutesFlying orb or sphere that changes colors and physical form.9/9/22
7/30/22 20:45WexfordPAUSACigar1/2 hourI think it was the chinese ship, it was tumbling and clearly visible with my scope. I have video and stills.9/9/22Yes
7/30/22 19:52Mossy PointNew South WalesAustraliaCross5 minutesA white light, which looked like a planet, moved erratically, to eliminate it being a plane or satellite. Refer video.9/9/22
7/30/22 19:28NewarkNJUSAOrb10 minutes25-30 white orbs coming from behind a cloud over Newark and slowly vanishing9/9/22Yes
7/30/22 17:00HicksvilleNYUSAOtherAt least 1hrBlack orb9/9/22Yes
7/30/22 15:35ChenoaUSAOvalabout 15 secOval moving slightly north east to slightly south west.9/9/22
7/30/22 09:20River ForestILUSASphereAbout 10 minutesSaw two silver spherical shapes in the sky which moved slowly eastward. They could by balloons but I thought I would file a report anyw9/9/22
7/30/22 02:40SydneyNew South WalesAustraliaOrbAprox.11 secondsFloating translucent orb9/9/22
7/30/22 02:20EudoraKSUSALight5 secondsI saw a star move then take off9/9/22
7/30/22 01:30TreknowCornwallUnited KingdomOrb5-10 minutesBright Orb, moving very slowly, changed course left in a smooth like fashion, doubled back on itself quickly, light remained but dimmed9/9/22
7/30/22 01:30RandolphVTUSALightRoughly a half hourMy husband and I saw a distinct large light hovering in the sky rotating for roughly a half hour.9/9/22
7/30/22 00:37GothenburgVästra Götaland CountySweden1 minuteMy firend recorded this sighting while he was working. He send what he recorded via snapchat. He was looking for an answer.9/9/22
7/30/22 00:30MaupinORUSAOval30 minutesUnknown Object hovering beyond canyon9/9/22
7/30/22 00:20Grand JunctionCOUSADisk30 minutesSome multiple crafts from back porch9/9/22
7/30/22 00:00Penn RunPAUSAOrbApproximately 10 minutesThe craft REACTED to me in a way that made it apparent it was observing me as it mimicked my motions and those of my lighter.9/9/22
7/29/22 23:00FlorenceKYUSALightOver an hourBalls of light mistaken for distant stars but they would come closer and farther drift together and apart. Crescent light, 10 ufo minim9/9/22
7/29/22 23:00IpswichSuffolkUnited KingdomLight4 min2 lights round crossing each other turning fast9/9/22
7/29/22 22:45MendotaCAUSALight3 MINUTES3 large, linear, bright white lights approx 600' - 1000' feet in width.9/9/22
7/29/22 22:45MendotaCAUSATriangle2 mins3 linear lights approx. 600' across 100'-300' off the ground9/9/22
7/29/22 22:20ChicagoUSALight10 secI saw a very bright light moving faster than a satellite and about 4 times the luminosity going east. It appeared mid sky and went dark9/9/22
7/29/22 22:00Apple ValleyCAUSALightabout 4 minutesBursts of light in night sky which enfolded into themselves.9/9/22
7/29/22 21:45AuburnNYUSACircle4 minutesThere's a lot of activity in the skies lately. We didn't hear anything, but as you can see, it looked like a bright object that moved f9/9/22
7/29/22 21:11AcushnetMAUSALight3 minutes8-10 circular lights ,below heavy cloud cover,moving in a circle meeting another that stayed in the middle !9/9/22
7/29/22 21:04MiddleboroMAUSACircle15 minutesSeveral lights in a ping pong pattern in the sky. Eventually all came together in the middle and then disappeared9/9/22
7/29/22 19:35BathNCUSAOtherTen minutesBlack vertical pole, grey conical pole and a “y” shape coming down out of a dense cloud covering, over the river in front of our house9/9/22Yes
7/29/22 17:38lakewoodCOUSAEgg1Tornado warning east denver just heard on the radio. Storm 27,000 ft. atop a billowing cloud a dark object hugging.9/9/22
7/29/22 13:00LondonONCanadaUnder a minuteSeen 3 pure white Boomerang shaped crafts "flying" extremely high in the afternoon , blue sky.9/9/22
7/29/22 11:42Warner SpringsCAUSAFireball1 secI was outside recording a bobcat9/9/22
7/29/22 05:00GRASS LAKE,MIUSADiskAbout 45 MinutesHovered close to the same spot for almost 45 minutes until the sun came up. Kept looking out my window to see if it was an airplane!9/9/22
7/29/22 04:50MobileALUSAOrb45 minShape shifting white star like orb appears and splits into 2 orbs.9/9/22Yes
7/29/22 04:30JACKSONVILLEFLUSAChanging45” that I watchedI was taking an early morning walk when I noticed it9/9/22
7/29/22 03:51WheatlandWYUSACircle2 minutesTook exit to stretch legs looked up and saw movement got cell phone and took video.9/9/22
7/29/22 03:26LivoniaMIUSACircle10 to 15 secondsSaw a large bright light heading up and to the south.9/9/22
7/29/22 02:00BuffaloKYUSAChanging7/29, 7/26, 7/15 2am-5amI have phone video.9/9/22
7/29/22 01:55WoonsocketRIUSADiskUnaware of durationAround 1:50 am about 20 minutes after falling asleep I remember waking up but suffering paralysis and experiencing contact with ship9/9/22Yes
7/29/22 00:03Dewey BeachDEUSAOrb30 secondsTwo light green orbs moving close to eachother , high up, once far away they disappeared and a super bright light filled our eyes quick9/9/22
7/28/22 22:30ChicagoILUSAOrbAbout 3-5 minutesWitnessed a bright light in the sky before it seemed to go straight up and disappeared9/9/22
7/28/22 22:30Traverse cityMIUSALight10 to 15 secondsBlue and white fire ball appearing to come out of a moving star9/9/22
7/28/22 22:00Kansas CityRIUSALight2 minutes or lessThe top of a triangle of stars appeared to be moving, while staring at it the lower right star took off upwards and right.9/9/22
7/28/22 21:00MadisonWIUSAUnknown9:00 PM- 12:30 AMWas outside for approx 3.5 hrs and saw an object flashing red/green and later white moving slow,fast,up/down,left to right and visversa9/9/22Yes
7/28/22 20:27BarnesvillePAUSAOrb3 minutes or soSlow and Low white orb9/9/22
7/28/22 18:38AustinTXUSADisk50 secondsSaw a hollow looking disk hovering about a quarter mile away and about 200 feet off the ground.9/9/22
7/28/22 12:39Mt. Rainier National ParkWAUSADiskA few secondsThe pilot announced Mt. Rainier on the left.I was seated by the left window.I immediately took my phone and captured 3 photos.9/9/22Yes
7/28/22 10:20FarmingtonMNUSALight20 secondsHelicopter was following 4 dim red lights from west to east9/9/22
7/28/22 04:04UplandCAUSACircle23 secondsCaught on Backyard camera9/9/22
7/28/22 02:00Corpus ChristiTXUSAChangingTwo hoursSeveral crafts that look like stars and moving erratically. Appeared to be chasing each other9/9/22
7/28/22 02:00McAllen TX enroute OhioTXUSAFormation2 hoursWitnessed balls of light flying unlike any man made aircraft. Lights moved ahead of us towards the northeast for approximately 2 hours9/9/22
7/28/22 01:10VillasNJUSACircle30 secondsSeen 2 ‘orbs’ that looked strange. I have videos.9/9/22
7/28/22 00:26Woodland/kalamaWAUSAOrb10-12 minSuper bright orb/ disc hovered in place 10-12 mins9/9/22Yes
7/27/22 23:30BoulderCOUSAOval2 to 5 secondsI had been watching the thunderstorms from my window when I noticed a large oval shaped orange light hovering and quickly shooting off.9/9/22
7/27/22 22:45ButlerPAUSAChanging2 minsWhite light would drop down and move forward and disappear and repeat as it was bigger object moving forward till lost sight over trees9/9/22
7/27/22 22:32NapervilleILUSALight20 secondsBright light sped up, dimmed, turned red, then disappeared9/9/22
7/27/22 22:30TolarTXUSACircle3 SecondsRound Green Circle followed by reddish orange short tail falling from space?9/9/22
7/27/22 22:00BurnabyBCCanadaCircle1 to 2 minutesRound saucer disk flying erratic and a high speed.9/9/22
7/27/22 22:00SeattleWAUSALightLess than 5 minUnusual light disappears into sky9/9/22
7/27/22 21:30DetroitMIUSAI didn’t know what the object was. No news reports of this object9/9/22
7/27/22 21:00TacomaWAUSALightSeveral hoursSeveral craft that were blinking blue white red light9/9/22
7/27/22 21:00Bunker HillKSUSALightCurrent/ last 15 minDriving west on hwy70 and have had a bright white rectangle hovering in same spot in sky for extended time. Clearly not a celestial bod9/9/22Yes
7/27/22 19:30SomersetKYUSADiskI am on flight on JetBlue plane and noticed this flying opposite direction at a high speed9/9/22
7/27/22 11:20Maple GroveMNUSACigar2 minLarge shiny, almost white object shaped like a cigar… slowly moving in the sky, then completely stops in mid air & disappeare instantly9/9/22
7/27/22 10:00TrumbullCTUSASphere30 minutesOrb was stationary for 20 minutes then drifted for 10 minutes9/9/22
7/27/22 05:42DecaturGAUSAChangingBout a minute.Came outside to smoke a cigar and saw a bright fire ball travelling south at a constant speed and then slowing down and then dim!9/9/22
7/27/22 00:00Hudson, NYNYUSATriangleAbout 3 minutesSaw a large triangular black silhouette moving very slowly (maybe 5 mph) approx 500-800ft in air completely silent one solid red light.9/9/22
7/26/22 23:15Usk Monmouthshire south walesMonmouthshireUnited KingdomStar10 minutesMultiple sightings within ten minutes9/9/22
7/26/22 22:50GreenwoodDEUSAOther1 minuteHUGE unkn aircraft passed/glided directly overtop our vehicle. Moved slow /made NO sound until right overtop - unkn engine noise9/9/22Yes
7/26/22 22:47Seneca FallsNYUSAUnknownA little over a minuteI saw a very bright, white light moving through the sky and before I knew it, it was gone.9/9/22
7/26/22 22:00FuturaUveaFranceCircle1 année lumièreRessembler à un commentaire mal sourcé9/9/22
7/26/22 21:43Shelby TownshipMIUSAOval30 secondsBright Sphere , and then turned to cigar shape and then went updward9/9/22
7/26/22 21:38LaPorteINUSAOval3 hoursIt was approximately 18 in away, 4 inches off the ground, gold and purple dense but translucent, barely a whirring sound9/9/22
7/26/22 21:31Chagrin FallsOHUSAOval2-3 minutesLarge oval shape object with black dot in the middle, varying in intensity with two additional orbs rotating around the main one.9/9/22
7/26/22 20:30ContoocookNHUSACigarSaw a black cigar craft suspended in the sky that disappeared and reappeared within 5 minutes only to dissapear for good.9/9/22
7/26/22 20:15DavenportWAUSASphere8 minutesBright sphere shaped object that appeared to be sitting stationary above the hills on the horizon for approximately 8 minutes.9/9/22
7/26/22 18:03LeicesterCylinder45 secondsThe two UFOs stayed still in the sky and flew away.9/9/22
7/26/22 04:06Staten Island NYNYUSACigar10 secondsI was filming the stars sky watching as I always do and this object flew by at a steady pace not super fast it was totally silent9/9/22
7/26/22 01:57EustaceTXUSAUnknownOngoing since atleast 130A bright light. NOT ISS9/9/22
7/26/22 01:27MulinoORUSACircle2-4 minutesAn object flashed goldish white 4 times and a flash behind it.9/9/22
7/25/22 23:00BonaireGAUSALight1 minuteSaw two lights9/9/22
7/25/22 22:25HampshireUnited KingdomLight30 secondsWe saw an intense white light like a star moving down in the sky for 30 seconds then disappeared then appeared again after ten seconds9/9/22
7/25/22 22:00SanduskyOHUSACigar20 minutesObserved the first craft on my way back to my room and then observed two more craft before running outside to call parents and record.9/9/22
7/25/22 20:22EpsomSurreyUnited KingdomCircle2-3 minutesSeveral craft flying over.9/9/22Yes
7/25/22 19:17StocktonCAUSAOval30 secondsWhite object moving north to south across the sky, no sound, no condensation trail.9/9/22
7/25/22 04:00AshlandWIUSAStarStill OngoingObserving as I report with a spotting scope and binoculars9/9/22
7/24/22 23:45IntercoursePAUSALight1 minuteSmall silent red dot doing maneuvers over Amish farm9/9/22
7/24/22 23:00Dingmans FerryPAUSACircle40min then fell asleepRound light high in sky, darting around irregularly like insect, blinking irregularly9/9/22
7/24/22 22:42MequonWIUSALightinstantWhile star gazing, I saw an extremely bright flash, no sound near the handle of the dipper in the north west sky9/9/22
7/24/22 22:41SealyTXUSAOval10 secondsBlue light shines thru my window , I look outside and I see blue ball going north then shift left and was gone in less then 10 seconds9/9/22
7/24/22 22:00BoiseIDUSAFormationAll nightPolar express ( quick nickname between friends)9/9/22
7/24/22 21:59PlattevilleWIUSAVideos for 2 weeksIn last 2 weeks 17. Got all the videos and rnn tried. Doesnt show. I was abducted when I was 19. Got super great videos of it all. Ask9/9/22
7/24/22 21:54Spruce PineNCUSASphere9pm to 11pmSpheres that change color, move across the sky and sometimes disappear.9/9/22
7/24/22 21:53Orland ParkILUSAOrbMore than 4 minutesI saw 4 circular orbs that were orange and they were very small9/9/22Yes
7/24/22 21:46BremertonWAUSAOval15 secondsSighted Black Barrel/Oval going North to South in sky9/9/22
7/24/22 21:30TamaIAUSALightOne and a half hoursBright, light in night sky, moving minutely and then erratically for 1.5 hours, 10-in circumferenz, returning to zenith w 5 mini-lights9/9/22
7/24/22 20:13SalisburyMDUSACigarStepped out to smoke saw craft caught my eye then noticed over 20 of them.9/9/22Yes
7/24/22 19:02TockenhamSwindonUnited KingdomCircleNo more than 2 minutesSmall silver ball9/9/22
7/24/22 16:10HoustonTXUSAOval1minBright silver oval/disc in south sky9/9/22
7/24/22 14:47RaleighNCUSASphere2-3 minSmall dark sphere-shaped car-sized craft traveling just below the clouds at a consistent pace with sound, no tail, no lights.9/9/22
7/24/22 01:40WimberlyTXUSASphere2 minutes 55 secondsOrb of light dancing in the night sky.9/9/22
7/23/22 23:17AbileneTXUSAFormation1 minuteCluster of lights with one seperated9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 23:15DerbyVTUSATriangle3-5 minutesThis thing was maybe a few hundred feet above me and making absolutely no noise what so ever.9/9/22
7/23/22 23:03folsomLAUSAChevron2-4 minutesSaw an object disappear and instantly reappear further away multiple times, got closer and saw that it was a delta with 3 lights.9/9/22
7/23/22 22:35ClevelandTNUSATriangleLasted 3 secondsSeen a triangular craft with 4 lights9/9/22
7/23/22 22:34AustinTXUSADisk1-3 minutesUFO hovering shutting off lights and slowly drifting behind clouds9/9/22
7/23/22 22:30Medicine bowWYUSACylinder1-4 minutes.5-2 miles above ground9/9/22
7/23/22 22:00PocatelloIDUSALight10-15 minutesPinkish, square lights very high up. In a straight line approx 20 miles long silent moving south to north duration 10-15 min9/9/22
7/23/22 21:40Saint PaulMNUSAUnknown61 minutesLoud, thunderous, rythmic noises for at least 60 minutes, followed by two lightless darkened low-flying helicopters headed toward it.9/9/22
7/23/22 21:37Point pleasantNJUSAChanging5 hours still thereAll four times I have worked at this beach I have 30 videos9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 21:30WichitaKSUSAOrb6 secondsRed/green/white from south to north of entire sky in 6 seconds.9/9/22
7/23/22 21:30SyracuseNYUSACircle5 minutes4 perfectly symmetrical lightfs in a diagonal for, not exactly near to one another, but standing still.9/9/22
7/23/22 21:10SalisburyMDUSACircleApproximately 5 minutesBright orange ball of light moving slow in the sky9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 21:00CovinaCAUSALight30 secondsRound redish orange light slowly moving west to east. No sounds. Just all of a sudden disappeared.9/9/22
7/23/22 18:35Chelmsford essexEssexUnited KingdomCircleIt was for about 5 minuteIt was pretty strange. Just a black circle in the sky for 10 minutes9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 18:00bournemouthDorsetUnited KingdomTriangle2-3 minutesThe object looked like a batman shaped. It caught my attention since it was swirling and swinging very easily in the sky.9/9/22
7/23/22 13:54MilwaukeeWIUSAOtherShort video clipUS Air Show with Jets - Video shows something Exiting Stage Left Quickly9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 10:54West BendWIUSACircle8-10 secondsGiant black circle with extremely bright green red blue light9/9/22
7/23/22 06:09DubaiDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesCone15 MinutesThere was a big cone that looked like an orange cone9/9/22
7/23/22 05:35SlidellLAUSAOrb45 seconds to one minuteI saw 2 round white orbs flying fast towards the rising sunlight to which they disappeared in the light about a minute long watching t9/9/22
7/23/22 04:15EloraONCanadaLightOne minute3 objects glowing moving south, one veered east then continued south9/9/22
7/23/22 04:00philadelphiaPAUSACirclean hours or soThe craft has green lights blinking in a circular pattern for a few moments. Craft moved to the NW direction lights flashing.9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 02:00MorgantownWVUSAStarAbout an hour and a half.Moving star. Not a satellite. Saw it in the sky southwest of my location, but it moved to dead center of the sky where I was at.9/9/22
7/23/22 00:52HilhamTNUSACircleSeveral minutes/an hourVery bright, white light that hovered/moved with ease. Travel distance very fast. No sound.9/9/22
7/22/22 23:10Bly OregonORUSACigar10 mins4 US air force personnel seen cigar shaped object9/9/22
7/22/22 23:04klamath fallsORUSACigar30 secondsI went out back, looked up seen the train of lights, had my son record it.9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 23:00ManyLAUSACylinder30 to 40 secondsSeen a this figure in the sky not moving then slowly faded away.9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:55PlymouthMNUSACigar3 minutesIt flew across the sky in front of us for about 2 minutes then disappeared. Very slim. Low flying.9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:54LindsayNEUSARectangleApproximately 2-3 minutesI saw a rectangular craft with strobing lights fly silently from south to north of my location. Was not starlink satellites!9/9/22
7/22/22 22:53SapulpaOKUSADiskI have 1minet videoStepped outside just caught it mid passing probably 2,000 ft away headed north in area code 74066 at 10:50 p.m. I do have video9/9/22
7/22/22 22:45Pacific City OR USARectangleLong rectangular red lighTraveling from south to north large cylinder with dim double row red lights.9/9/22
7/22/22 22:35BendORUSADiskA few minutesIt was bright and round ish9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:25DublinOHUSACigar2-3 minutesSaw an object moving straight down slowly, as we were watching it, several lights lit up consecutively and then it disappeared.9/9/22
7/22/22 22:25OaklandCAUSACigarAround 1-2 minutesSome friends and I were chilling in the mountains when we looked in the sky and seen a solid beam of lights. It seemed to be rotating.9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:25STOCKBRIDGEMIUSAOther60 secondsLinear formation of multiple white lights moving in unison evenly spaced viewed in the sky overhead9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:15RosebudSDUSADisk3 minutesDark chrome disk9/9/22
7/22/22 22:00Steamboat SpringsCOUSASphere20 secondsA chain of lights moving at high speed9/9/22
7/22/22 22:00OssianINUSACircle4 minutesFlying saucer/UFO, Light blue neon lights, Very clear view, seemed to be 1 living ET in spacecraft, after about 4 Minutes, it was gone.9/9/22
7/22/22 22:00BoulderCOUSARectangle30 secondsBright white perimeter of elongated rectangle with evenly spaced circular lights in middle9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 22:00Somers pointNJUSAFireball3 min3 glowing balls9/9/22
7/22/22 21:55Cottonwood HeightsUTUSACigarAbout 20 secondsAt home in backyard, huddled in rows of 3 with lines about 20 long9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 21:54SilverthorneCOUSACigar1 minuteLighted object seen moving north to south9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 21:50CusterSDUSAFormation40 secondsWe sat around outside our camp fire and one of party members looked up to the sky and saw the strange shape that was slowly moving.9/9/22
7/22/22 21:47Cedar SpringsMIUSACigar3-5 minutesHuge cylinder floated across the sky, lit up and then disappeared9/9/22
7/22/22 21:42Upper PottsgrovePAUSAOrb5 minutes3 orange yellow orbs9/9/22
7/22/22 21:24Pimpri-ChinchwadMaharashtraIndiaFormationLess than minuteFormation of lights9/9/22
7/22/22 21:18ConcordNHUSATeardrop3 daysUpon driving thru multiple towns an object that was well lit followed me three nights in a row9/9/22
7/22/22 20:55AronldsvilleGAUSAChangingOne hourSpotted several craft on July 22nd at 8:50pm started as orb then triangle craft was 50 feet over house and then came right over my head9/9/22
7/22/22 20:10LevittownPAUSAChevronone minuteWatching a passenger plane with short contrail making a turn when this was going by in the opposite direction9/9/22
7/22/22 20:03HuntsvilleTXUSAOrbOne minuteFrom my back porch I was taking photos of the sunset and saw the green orb. It moved upward and went behind the clouds.9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 19:00Skippack TownshipPAUSACigar15 minutesCraft was yellow, moving slowly without any sound ..9/9/22
7/22/22 18:00BradentonFLUSASphere20-30 secondslooked up at storm clouds as leaving theatre & saw silver ball/sphere speeding NW..turned black & disappeared9/9/22
7/22/22 15:10PrinevilleORUSAChevronChevron shaped mirrored image fell from blue sky moved rapidly back into blue sky9/9/22
7/22/22 11:00MooreOKUSA10 minutesLong cigar solid shaped craft with light beam9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 05:05PittsfieldMAUSAStar30-60 secondsI saw what appeared to be a star, but it was moving in very weird directions9/9/22
7/22/22 05:00KannapolisNCUSALight10 seconds2 Headlight looking lights off in distance.9/9/22
7/22/22 01:20YanktonSDUSACylinder4-5minsFiery blue cylinder shape9/9/22
7/21/22 23:36OnawayMIUSAUnknown3 minutes approximatelySaw a bright light traveling east, then it stopped.9/9/22
7/21/22 23:30WhitngNJUSACircleAbout 8 minutesCircle type craft moving at incredible speeds9/9/22
7/21/22 23:20TerrebonneORUSAA few secondsBright flash of light and then a trail going down.9/9/22
7/21/22 23:00PottstownPAUSALight30 minMany UAP sitting in the sky. String of lights not moving. V shape lights not moving. Other moving craft with bright under lights.9/9/22Yes
7/21/22 22:41HomewoodILUSAStar10 minutesSeveral stars are continuing to move over our house in different directions and are changing direction at extremely fast rates.9/9/22
7/21/22 22:00PioneerCAUSALight1 minute5 lights appeared then disappeared one after the other in a line the length of a fist stretched out at arms length9/9/22
7/21/22 21:46DaytonOHUSACircle40 SecondsThe UFO was seen low to the ground at high speeds.9/9/22
7/21/22 21:33PhiladelphiaPAUSAOrb5 minutesGreen orbs lined up like orion's belt then changed positions to an obtuse triangle almost like the handle of the dipper9/9/22
7/21/22 16:30GibsontonFLUSACylinder5 minutesSaw a white light in the sky, then shot up about 1000 feet in second then light changed colors then craft started changing shape in sky9/9/22
7/21/22 14:28KeizerORUSALightJust a few minutesEither a cluster of drones flying in sync or....9/9/22
7/21/22 09:30In between Grand lake Estes ParkCigar30minWas at the top of a mountain and did not have any visible things on the way outside to indicate what was giving it propulsion9/9/22
7/21/22 09:21Rocky Mountain National ParkCOUSACigar30 minutesWas a white rectangle box that rose up off of a mountain9/9/22
7/21/22 09:20Rocky Mountain National ParkCigar30 minutesWas a white rectangle box that rose up off of a mountain9/9/22Yes
7/21/22 06:00McVeytownPAUSASphere30 secondsWhite, spherical object flying silently in northeasterly direction.9/9/22
7/21/22 05:15StinettTXUSACircleA round floating object in the sky appearing close proximity to the man9/9/22Yes
7/21/22 01:35Boca RatonFLUSADiskWatched for about 10 minuLooked like 3 lights, was hovering, only light in the sky9/9/22
7/21/22 01:30GoochlandVAUSATriangleabout 3 minutesIt was too big to be going that slow and low in the sky. I stood at the window' do not remember seeing it pass over house?9/9/22
7/21/22 00:15OceansideCAUSAChevron20 secondsDark Blue Darting Chevron shape9/9/22Yes
7/20/22 23:15LakewoodWAUSASphere10 secSphere followed/escorted by helicopter9/9/22Yes
7/20/22 11:00Vero beachFLUSADisk2 minutesStationary disk sat for 2 minutes, then flew off at enormous speed9/9/22
7/20/22 04:23Not sureNEUSALightNot sure 39 mins or moreMy uncle sent me video footage from his phone from the truck stop he was at as well as a picture from his phone9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 23:38AlbuquerqueNMUSALight1:20Flashing Light in the Clouds9/9/22
7/19/22 22:45EverettWAUSALightLasted around 10 to 15 miSuper bright&fast moving orange lights9/9/22
7/19/22 22:20MelbourneARUSALightAbout 7 minutesTwo orange lights slowly pulsing in the distance.9/9/22
7/19/22 21:30CosbyMOUSAOrb7 minutesThree orbs of light sighted for seven minutes before each light disappeared one by one.9/9/22
7/19/22 19:39CedarhurstNYUSAUnknownfast but got a photoSomething flew fast and I took a picture and caught it.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 16:57Port St. LucieFLUSADiamond1 hourThree semi-metallic, diamond shaped craft.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 12:27Short PumpVAUSA20 secondsSaw a strange cloud in the sky. Twisting upward like an upside down tornado. That's what caught my eye, so I took a few pictures of it.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 10:18Fort CollinsCOUSATriangle5 secondsVery large scale, fast moving, dim lights in triangle shape flew over from East to West.9/9/22
7/19/22 02:27Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown2-6 minutesMy friend saw something near the moon and I thought she was lying until I actually looked up.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 00:54EmmettIDUSAUnknown10 secondsGreen light turned red headed up hill9/9/22
7/19/22 00:12Near atlantaGAUSAFireballFew minutesTraveling in plane9/9/22
7/19/22 00:00StaffordStaffordshireUnited KingdomSphere1 minuteSpherical light descending from a high altitude.9/9/22
7/18/22 23:51CarmarthenshireUnited KingdomOrbFew minutes.Bright orb flying towards the east.9/9/22
7/18/22 23:01Chapel HillNCUSAUnknownAt least 5 minutesSaw hovering solid red and green light, which quickly moved a long distance then back, then hovered again.9/9/22
7/18/22 23:00Auburn HillsMIUSAStar25 secondsUndercover Satellite9/9/22
7/18/22 22:44PhiladelphiaDiskFlew for a split secondFlew fasted glowing from behind FMC buikding9/9/22
7/18/22 19:00Gold coastQueenslandAustraliaDisk1 MinuteA ship with purple trail is seen in the sky9/9/22
7/18/22 06:10CanberraAustralian Capital TerritoryAustraliaCigar40secondsLong thin object viewed travelling slowly through sky9/9/22
7/18/22 05:20ChesterVTUSACigar1 minute approximatelyI saw a large silver/white glowing object moving across the horizon9/9/22
7/18/22 02:37Bass River TownshipNJUSAUnknown15 minutesI was indoors so did not see a craft this time, just an "entity" that may be related to my other recent sightings of spherical craft.9/9/22
7/18/22 00:10GreeleyCOUSACircle25 minutesLight 1/3 size of the moon distintly round but hazy when all the stars were sharp and crisp.9/9/22
7/17/22 23:20KennesawGAUSAUnknownA couple hoursSaw something standing there it was small and brown and disappeared as I jumped.9/9/22
7/17/22 22:00ClaytonNCUSARectangle1 minuteObject sighted in sky relatively low, appeared to be a white bright translucent light moving from left to right9/9/22Yes
7/17/22 21:48Oak ForestILUSAChevron8 minutesSilent, orange and red non blinking lit up craft. Moving south. Never seen anything like it.9/9/22
7/17/22 21:25UnknownIAUSAOtherCaptured in photoDidn't realize what I captured until looking at photos9/9/22Yes
7/17/22 02:14miltonVTUSADiamond1-2 minutes +No noise, it was like one big lit up Diamond (like a star- no random lights), dogs were howling, this ufo chased me, dread feeling9/9/22
7/17/22 00:55chaskaMNUSACircle10mins+Stationary lights in the clouds9/9/22Yes
7/16/22 23:27KunaIDUSATriangle2-3 minutesSaw a slow moving large object that was silent.9/9/22
7/16/22 23:00AthensGAUSAChevronSeveral hours every nightChevron shaped and V shaped more than 1 and different sizes9/9/22Yes
7/16/22 22:30SpartanburgSCUSADiamondApproximately 20 minutesClusters of lights in the shapes of triangles, moving through neighborhood. Seen by many folks in neighborhood.9/9/22
7/16/22 18:49RugbyUnited KingdomOval5 minutesLight oval/tictac shape metallic looking. High up, hovering and doing strange movements. I have a video9/9/22
7/16/22 16:51MatawanNJUSAUnknown30 seconds - minuteAt 4:51 pm I saw 3 black objects moving from south to north9/9/22Yes
7/16/22 12:57LaramieWYUSASphereSense sunset the 15thSaw a bright object at sunset above clouds that looked balloon shaped with binoculars.9/9/22Yes
7/16/22 12:00Tayport fifeFifeUnited KingdomOval5-10minsTic tac darting about sky9/9/22
7/16/22 11:40Boynton BeachFLUSADiamond30 secondsI was alerted to it by the Sun's refection & lack of movement.9/9/22
7/16/22 07:56ConchoUSAOrb24 hours a day every dayseen in the night sky above home Blinking white lights white can be seen following my vehicle overhead when driving car/follows me9/9/22
7/16/22 04:53QueenslandAustraliaChevron3 minutes7 bright objects moving slowly westward from the city9/9/22
7/16/22 04:33WorcesterMAUSAChangingI watched it for 6-7 minsI observed a bright object that appeared to be a cluster of lights , it changed from oblong to rectangular.9/9/22
7/16/22 02:50KatyTXUSAFireball1 minuteOrange fireball seen moving upward from low position then drifting off into the air. Video evidence.9/9/22Yes
7/16/22 02:30StonehamMAUSARectangle1 minuteLights hovered in sky and moved overhead bright red lights blinking then stopping changing course at a right angle and moving away.9/9/22
7/16/22 02:18RidgecrestCAUSACircleApproximately 10 to 15 seI saw a very large bright intense green fireball. I was driving along side it so I don't know if it was moving or not.9/9/22
7/15/22 23:11Corpus ChristiTXUSALight10-15 secondsRed Light SLOWLY GOING DOWN9/9/22
7/15/22 22:49LebecCAUSAOtherGreen transparent light; falling directly from the sky into the grown, then vanishing9/9/22
7/15/22 22:38BarnwellSCUSALightAbt. 20 sec.Blue pulsating light9/9/22
7/15/22 22:06Two HarborsMNUSADiskOrange light moving9/9/22
7/15/22 22:01BRADENTONFLUSACircleApprox one minuteBright white sphere. Larger than a star..moving steadily then vanishing.Not flashing lights.9/9/22
7/15/22 22:00East granbyCTUSAChanging1 minute. Was very quickWas talking with my moms bf, when I looked above and saw a metallic shape, but shortly after it left a trail of light and vanished.9/9/22Yes
7/15/22 22:00COLUMBUSOHUSALightAbout 20 to 40 minutesLight at long distance that rose vertically, dropped about 10 degrees and then remained stationary and pulsed about once per second.9/9/22
7/15/22 21:00WinchesterMAUSATriangle30 -45 seconds3 points of light in a massive triangle moving together9/9/22
7/15/22 20:45FredericksburgVAUSALightRoughly 5 minutesBright light hovering in northern sky.9/9/22
7/15/22 20:00laramie, wyomingWYUSACone30 minutesLooked up in the dimming night sky--sun was still setting--orange to the west---above I saw a very bright -very large STRAIGHT object9/9/22Yes
7/15/22 19:15RuskinFLUSAOrb2-3 minutesBrightly lit object stationary in the sky for 2-3 minutes, during recording my camera failed and shut off9/9/22Yes
7/15/22 14:20ColumbusOHUSAOtherFew minutesCraft was in the shape of a ring. My son called it Sonic’s ring.9/9/22Yes
7/15/22 11:30DestinFLUSAOval5 secondsStationary white oval with tail9/9/22
7/15/22 10:30ChecotahOKUSACircle50 minutesAll the stars moved so fast that we got scared then the usaf followed them9/9/22
7/15/22 03:25NapavineWAUSASphereLasted about an hourVery bright bouncing sphere. Illuminating the clouds and sky.. slow moving9/9/22
7/15/22 00:22MemphisTNUSAChangingAlmost 3 minutes of footaStrange big light object appeared in the sky and sat there just kind of tilted.9/9/22
7/14/22 23:53Stanwood waCircle15 secondsSaw a bright unblinking light going above my house and the light was changing colors9/9/22
7/14/22 22:36PlymouthVTUSACigarW-SE 45 - 90 sec.Very unusual craft traveling w-se no sound whatsoever9/9/22
7/14/22 22:30East HartfordCTUSAOval13 MinutesAt approximately 10:30pm on 7/14 I noticed 4 oval shaped lights hovering about 150ft above the park down the street.9/9/22
7/14/22 21:26White CitySACanadaTriangleless than a secondSaw three lights in triangle shape shoot across sky9/9/22
7/14/22 21:25Kirklandlake , ontarioCanadaOrb15 ,20 min from north sNo noise .no exaust .no lights seen orb infront of the rectangle9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 21:18Carson CitynullUSAOrbAbout a minuteBright orb in the eastern sky, moving incredibly fast.9/9/22
7/14/22 21:08GorhamMEUSALight7 minutesFlying bright white light, no visible structure, no sound9/9/22
7/14/22 21:00SeattleWAUSAStarSeveral minutesSaw a star shaped craft floating like a feather and gliding across the sky towards the airport probably 400-500’ in the air9/9/22
7/14/22 20:58TorranceCAUSATeardropSix secondsDark Gray Mass Over Southern California9/9/22
7/14/22 20:50West MelbourneFLUSACylinder10 minIt was an aura surrounding a light with a flashing light following behind it9/9/22
7/14/22 20:48HollywoodFLUSALight3 minutesRound silent white traveling west to east flying erratically leaving smoke trail.9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 20:45JupiterFLUSAUnknownMaybe 5-8 minutesStrange cloud formation and an object flying out from it moving very slow9/9/22
7/14/22 20:20PhoenixAZUSALight15 minutesSteady green light hovering 1-2 min, change to red bright, intense, 1 min then green, 6 degree west 2 sec hover E original fade south9/9/22
7/14/22 14:56NorwalkCTUSA5 minutesFigure over South Norwalk9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 08:40Fripp IslandSCUSALight15 secondsRed light moving9/9/22
7/14/22 05:40BlayneyNew South WalesAustralia90 - 120 secondsA long string of star size lights9/9/22
7/14/22 02:17Merthyr TydfilnullUnited KingdomStarI fink all nightIt looked like a star, but the stars don't shine that hard9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 01:32MorgantonNCUSAChangingUnknownChanging pinkish white geometric orb9/9/22
7/14/22 01:05MemphisTNUSAChangingI watched for 2 hoursTriangular bright changing shape and color9/9/22
7/14/22 00:55ManchesterBoltonUnited KingdomCircle1 min 37 secondsBack garden look up and saw bright light9/9/22
7/14/22 00:14New Smyrna BeachFLUSAUnknownNot sure. At least 20secA glowing object moving around off the coast of New Smyrna beach9/9/22
7/13/22 23:56Jefferson CityTNUSATriangle5 minutesWe were driving home and at first we thought it was a plane upon getting closer we both observed the object litteraly hovering9/9/22
7/13/22 23:40ReginaSACanadaDisk2 secondsWhile watching a large thunderstorm an oval disk shaped craft was illuminated against the clouds it floated up and right and disapeared9/9/22
7/13/22 23:04StirlingStirlingUnited KingdomOrbAprox 5 mins2 Lights hovering, moving after short period9/9/22
7/13/22 23:00GarlandTXUSACircle15 secondsI saw a red/green spherical object on my roof9/9/22
7/13/22 22:00EwingNJUSALight2 minutesLooking up saw light flying across sky and over my house9/9/22
7/13/22 21:22HuntleyMTUSA30 secondsHovering Light9/9/22Yes
7/13/22 20:30Hazel GreenWIUSAOvalAbout five minutes.Two UFO’s flew past each other in opposite directions.9/9/22Yes
7/13/22 20:03SmyrnaTNUSASphereSaw 30 - 45 secs. beforeLeaving store noticed beautiful sky, loaded groceries, driving in car looked at sky again, saw sphere at high alt., recorded it.9/9/22
7/13/22 20:00AbbotsfordBCCanadaDisk1 to 2 minutesWe saw a disk shaped object clearly leave Mt Baker and disappear straight up9/9/22
7/13/22 20:00DaytonNVUSASphere6 secondsBright light suddenly appears above commercial plane9/9/22
7/13/22 18:45Beaver IslandMIUSACylinderone millisecondVERY FAST whoosh that was heard and also felt/sensed9/9/22
7/13/22 12:15CROSSSCUSADiamond20 minutesI was out side late at night about the same place the encounter took place9/9/22
7/13/22 09:23LouisvilleKYUSAOrbIn my view for ten minute2 orbs, one higher up, both alternating flashing bright white light in 2 second intervals9/9/22Yes
7/13/22 05:52LawrenceMAUSADiskMaybe 1 minuteAll metal disc with blue light. After some seconds it just teleported ahead within a second.9/9/22
7/13/22 04:13TitonkaIAUSALight2-3 minutesA very bright and constant light in the northern night sky silently moved east and then south before trees blocked view.9/9/22
7/13/22 03:45West DeptfordNJUSALight30 minutesStationary source of incredibly bright white light, flashing blue to white, puffs of white light shot out of sides.9/9/22
7/13/22 03:25San AugustineTXUSACircle2 MinutesWatched what I thought was a star or planet move very oddly and then move to 2 different locations I directed it to with my mind.9/9/22
7/13/22 01:20Chadderton OldhamUnited KingdomUnknown2 cctv vids of 20 secsTwo vids showing swirling bright bird like image and light pulses on lawn9/9/22
7/12/22 22:10GreybullWYUSA20-30 minutesTwo large glowing objects ejected 3-5 smaller, faster, brighter flying objects into the sky, disappearing over the Western horizon.9/9/22Yes
7/12/22 21:43ChesterfieldMOUSA1:42Conclusive video evidence of bright white sphere moving West to East. Morphing like a fireball or star.9/9/22
7/12/22 20:08SebringOHUSAUnknownOdd object moving throughQuiet revolutionary object unbelievably foreign to the sight.9/9/22
7/12/22 20:00MaidstoneKentUnited KingdomSphere2 mins approxSaw two spheres one behind.9/9/22
7/12/22 13:30TucsonAZUSAChanging3 hrsUfo shape shifting up in the sky focused on it and inside a squid looking creature driving9/9/22Yes
7/12/22 02:00BigelowARUSADiskAt least a half hour moreI saw a strange light hovering with red green lights flickering I took my camera and filmed it . It was moving up/down /diagonal9/9/22Yes
7/11/22 23:34OAKRIDGEORUSALight4 secObject caught on security camera. Seems slower than meteor9/9/22
7/11/22 23:30KOLKATAIndiaLight1 hourA light larger and brighter than star.when zoomed in mobile camera, the pattern was changing9/9/22Yes
7/11/22 23:00BloomfieldNMUSACircle1 maybe 2 minutesIt was a ball of light that came from the north west, did a u and went in the north east direction9/9/22
7/11/22 22:03Van NuysCAUSACylinderA minute or twoSaw a lighted, cylindrical UAP, traversing the sky westward in a seemingly level, horizontal trajectory, while continually flipping.9/9/22Yes
7/11/22 22:03Los AngelesCAUSADiskOne - two minutesWhile observing the International Space Station, I saw a three-sided circular disk, flipping over and over like a coin, heading west.9/9/22Yes
7/11/22 14:36BucharestBucharestRomaniaOrb10-15sWhite orb of lighting, no sound, slow9/9/22
7/11/22 08:45St Clair ShoresMIUSACigarWe saw a long tube/pill shaped object flying on an angle. It was clear it had no wings, propellers, and made no sound.9/9/22
7/11/22 02:23Washington, United KingdomUnited KingdomUnited KingdomUnknownUnknownI checked the flight radar application and there wasn't an aircraft where this object was.9/9/22
7/11/22 00:48BlackpoolLancashireUnited KingdomCircle3 minutes2 UFO flying weirdly over Irish Sea in strange manoeuvre disappearing and reappearing9/9/22
7/10/22 23:40KamenoBurgas ProvinceBulgariaTriangle10 minutesLarge flying triangle 1 large central orange light and 3 outer lights on each tip of various colours.9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 22:42SmithtownNYUSACircle5-8 secondsI witnessed what appeared to be a moving aircraft and noticed no beacon lights flashing then I thought it may have been a star9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 21:45DallasPAUSATriangle10 minutesA triangle aircraft maneuvering in ways I've never seen in any military aircraft whatsoever9/9/22
7/10/22 21:34Live OakCAUSASphereN/AAbove my apartment in my balcony.9/9/22
7/10/22 21:34RutlandVTUSACircle10 minutesI was walking my 2 dogs & saw 3 round orange bright lights hovering close together. They hovered for 3 minutes before 2 disappeared9/9/22
7/10/22 21:27Friday HarborWAUSACigar10 minutesCigar shaped object moving slow from NE to SW9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 20:09ConcordNHUSACylinderapprox. 20-30 secondsTravel West to East. Contrails. 3 heat signatures port side. No sonic boom/sub sonic.9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 15:44Newcastle upon TynenullOvalAround 30 minutesUPA FOOTAGE FROM ENGLAND9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 14:30Alamosa, San Luis ValleyCOUSASphereNATook two sequential photos and a white sphere was observable in the first but not the second.9/9/22Yes
7/10/22 12:57AlexandriaINUSACylinderApproximately 20 secondsNo wings, cylinder streaking across clear sky, comes to complete stop, then streaks 120 degrees straight up and out of sight.9/9/22
7/10/22 04:45Rio grandeNJUSAUnknown45 minutesHovering at about 2500 ft then ascended and disappeared9/9/22
7/10/22 00:13Wisconsin DellsWIUSALightSecondsFlash of light traveled across sky9/9/22
7/10/22 00:10FranklinOHUSAOrbAbout 1 minute and 15 secIt was a glowing red orb with a tail, then it stopped and was a fuzzy red ball. There were no other colors.9/9/22
7/9/22 23:45Red LionPAUSALight1 minuteVery bright red static light slowly moving in a Southernly direction.9/9/22Yes
7/9/22 22:45KenoshaWIUSACircle4minsVery bright ball of light9/9/22
7/9/22 22:45LouisvilleKYUSALight2 secondsWe saw it through our house it was a huge light there for only a few seconds and it was a crème color of light.9/9/22
7/9/22 22:00Fond du lacWIUSAOval15 minutesSeen 5 slow moving craft no sound red and spinning interior9/9/22
7/9/22 20:48RoselleILUSACylinder2-3 minutesObject on fire and then burnt out or disappeared before horizon line9/9/22
7/9/22 20:45SAINT PAULMNUSACircle10 minutesBlack donut shaped craft9/9/22Yes
7/9/22 20:38Queen CreekAZUSAOval10 SecondsVibrant green spheroid object racing along the valley floor over suburban residential area.9/9/22
7/9/22 18:00BrisbaneQueenslandAustraliaLight5minsLights playing in the sky9/9/22
7/9/22 17:52Rapid CitySDUSACircleOver 30 minutesCloudy "ring" in the sky9/9/22Yes
7/9/22 17:10PalmerAKUSACaught on cameraI took the picture and saw it later when I saw a spec of light in the left corner. I was shooting a picture of an eagle, it is in the9/9/22Yes
7/9/22 14:04North FalmouthMAUSACircle2 minutesBright white or silvery round shape traveling erratically then flying straight down before vanishing9/9/22
7/9/22 13:19LansdalePAUSAChanging1 minuteFilmed small black object flying right to left and accidentally captured something fly the other direction at end of video9/9/22Yes
7/9/22 09:20Chelston HeathDevonUnited KingdomTriangle30 secondsTriangle shape in the sky. The sun hit its surface which caused a flash as looked metallic.9/9/22
7/9/22 04:30GrenadaMSUSACircle20 minutesSaw a small round circular object move straight up then go across the sky at very fast pace but unlike a plane or shooting star9/9/22
7/9/22 00:42Valley StreamNYUSALightAbout one second.A fast-moving object with no audible sound appearing as a bright white light with a slight trail at or around FL150 traveling North.9/9/22
7/8/22 22:30ClaringtonONCanadaUnknownHours longNot starlink9/9/22
7/8/22 21:29N Ft MyersFLUSACircleAlways looking up at the stars and saw a moving object that was zipping around and then was dashing in and or around the moon9/9/22Yes
7/8/22 20:45Lopez islandWAUSASphere3 secondsSolid orange sphere flying above water9/9/22
7/8/22 20:00WelcomeMNUSAOrb2 miles.. 7 or 8minutesI seen the same orb of light as the other 4 people seen lately9/9/22
7/8/22 19:00LovelandCOUSACircle10 minutes3 round objects forming a perfect triangle9/9/22
7/8/22 18:10Cecil plainsQueenslandAustraliaCircle30 secondsThe object was moving at incredible speeds9/9/22
7/8/22 15:45CircleUnknownSeveral objects in sky over ocean. Round9/9/22Yes
7/8/22 11:30TorranceCAUSACone2 minutes2 white smooth orbs going in circles. then they both flew east one after the other. I then saw 5 jets scrambled in different directions9/9/22
7/8/22 00:15Staten Island New YorkNYUSA1min 40 secI’m a Ufologists I host UNIDENTIFIED-S4 YouTube channel I was out filming and it flew over me completely silent slow moving I filmed it9/9/22
7/7/22 22:45PuebloCOUSACigar10 minutes7-8 bright circular lights that lined up traveling north9/9/22
7/7/22 22:13GreenfieldWIUSAOther+/- 2 mins each timeWitnessed bright orange glowing light, "flying" in the sky, above our neighborhood, while on a walk at @ 10pm on 7/7/22.9/9/22
7/7/22 22:00West WarwickRIUSACircle10 secondsBig glowing red ball moving erratically9/9/22
7/7/22 21:42HolladayUTUSALightMaybe 3-5 minsFlashing green and red object above trees to the NE of driveway above neighbors pine tree.9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 21:42Indian Harbour BeachFLUSAChanging8-10 secondsPeculiar transparent craft flying low no sound hovering over apartment near beach9/9/22
7/7/22 20:40EnglewoodCOUSACircleDriving and saw a hovering object above that looked abnormal9/9/22
7/7/22 20:30HuronOHUSADisk15 m. multiple witnessesI saw the object hovering untill I began travelling northbound the object slowly and silently drifted north northeast out of sight.9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 20:27MarshallTXOther1:20 minutes2 bright rectangular like shapes descended from up high in the sky together close towards the moon and went different directions9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 20:03North ConwayNHUSA10secondsObject flying south low altitude9/9/22
7/7/22 17:45GreenfordCity of LondonUnited KingdomSphere25 minutes approxSpherical light changing from bright to dull.9/9/22
7/7/22 11:00Las VegasNVUSACircle5 minutesTwo spheres scene out of an airplane window. Very bright light, casting light on to the mountain.9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 09:45PhoenixAZUSA3 secondsVery large shiny silver object in sky9/9/22
7/7/22 02:16Fernandina beachFLUSACylinder4 secondsFast rolling motion9/9/22
7/7/22 02:15StirlingStirlingUnited KingdomSphereOver an hourSmall bright dot hovering in an unusual way with green aura being emitted and changing in size9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 01:30Hood canal a mile from good sportOrbAn hourBright orb moving spastically across the sky with no set direction9/9/22Yes
7/6/22 22:53PhoenixAZUSALight15 secondsSaw a small green light with maybe white surrounding lights fly VERY FAST across the night sky.9/9/22
7/6/22 21:47Ormond BeachFLUSAOrb10 SecondsAmber Orb moves slowly for 10 seconds before dimming/shrinking from visibility9/9/22
7/6/22 21:37NewportNCUSATriangleCouple minutesDon't know if this was a drone or not.9/9/22Yes
7/6/22 21:25NewportNCUSAStarTen minutesBright star, moving erratically.9/9/22Yes
7/6/22 21:20GoodrichMIUSAOther20 secondsOblong tic tac UAP/UFO9/9/22
7/6/22 00:39OaklawnILUSACircleSaw craft then ran and got roomate and phone. Recorded the video.9/9/22
7/6/22 00:30USASphereAbout a min each timeI was catfishing and all of a sudden I saw lights moving all around in the sky a ball of light with no tracers behind it9/9/22
7/5/22 22:35EssexCTUSADiamond10 - 15 minutesInitially saw round white light rapidly flying over Ct. river a few times,9/9/22
7/5/22 14:50SyracuseNYUSAChangingIt lasted about 5 minutesI was at a appointment. I took a walk while I was awaiting another one. I was looking at buildings and something had caught my eye.9/9/22
7/5/22 12:35RosevilleCigar2 minutesDark, cigar shaped object flew in and out of a cloud before changing directions, speeding up and vanishing into blue sky.9/9/22
7/5/22 11:50DestinFLUSAOval5 secondsDancing lights that vanished9/9/22
7/5/22 00:49Enumclaw WaWAUSAFireball3 mins. Massive orangeWe thought it was the moon until we noticed it started moving very quickly9/9/22Yes
7/4/22 23:45TavaresFLUSAChanging10 minutesChanging object or vehicle moving slowly from high in the sky from one side to the other(from left to right) and then descends.9/9/22
7/4/22 23:31MarengoINUSACircleApprox 45 seconds3 orange circular objects flying in a line- west to east. They stayed in formation until they were out of sight.9/9/22
7/4/22 23:03Church HillTNUSACircleFrom 11:03pm to 12:06amLooked similar to a comet but faster and different, the something else.9/9/22
7/4/22 22:34LauderhillFLUSA30-45 secondRed and Green alternating colored lights on a craft9/9/22
7/4/22 22:14HigginsvilleMOUSAOrbIt came back twice that IBright red orbs that disappeared in an instant and came back.9/9/22
7/4/22 22:11Ft. LauderdaleFLUSALightapprox. 10 minutesFaked airliner; stood still for 5 silent minutes; descended to ground and rose 1 minute later9/9/22
7/4/22 22:00OlympiaWAUSAFireball230Fireball flying slow above fire works, flies off into horizon and disappears! See video9/9/22
7/4/22 21:33ChicagoILUSAOrbApprox. 2 min.Pulsing light that appears to change shapes9/9/22Yes
7/4/22 21:20Perth amboyNJUSAOval20minSaw a strange light and it was hovering and it was changing color from red to blue I have a video and my son has one to9/9/22
7/4/22 21:11BRANDONFLUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing orange object (circular light) moving North to South slowly, consistently, and with no sound.9/9/22
7/4/22 21:10Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft was flying through the night sky during a lot of fireworks, changing directions multiple times, going straight up and back down9/9/22
7/4/22 21:00WorcesterMAUSALight1/2 hour aboutBright light, like a star, but moving/darting in irregular pattern across sky until it just stopped moving.9/9/22
7/4/22 20:53WheatonILUSAUnknown58 secondslit9/9/22
7/4/22 19:30JamisonDiskApproximately 30 secondsBlack/Navy blue disk(ovoid as visible from the side) demonstrates instantaneous acceleration or some form of a “cloaking”mechanism.9/9/22
7/4/22 19:10CottonwoodAZUSALight10 to 15 minsWatched ball of light pluse through the sky9/9/22
7/4/22 11:00PamonaNJUSAUnknown5 secondsFlew across highway in 5 seconds then went down below trees9/9/22
7/4/22 06:50JacksonvilleFLUSAChevron60 secsI noticed a shiny metal silver object sitting static in the sky then dissappear then reappear 5 or 10 miles farther away than the fi9/9/22
7/4/22 04:30Bass River TownshipNJUSASphere5 minutesSilver sphere, with VERY BRIGHT pair of articulated light sources on the bottom, accelerated laterally and VANISHED, then reappeared9/9/22
7/4/22 03:00St. GabrielLAUSAChevronAbout 2 minutesDelta shaped Craft with four lights that hovered in the sky for 30 seconds and immediately flew away.9/9/22
7/4/22 02:30Hickory HillsILUSACircleAbout 10 SecondsSmoking a cigarette, I looked up to see what I thought was a plane but it disappeared rapidly.9/9/22
7/3/22 22:40livingstonMTUSASphereten minutesfashing zippy 90 degree movements.9/9/22
7/3/22 22:30TrumbullCTUSAOrb10 minsSeveral round orbs of light flying silent 1 after another right above the tree line9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 22:30SunriverUSAOrb30 secondsFilming guitars on wall in my cabin, became surrounded by 2 or 3 small balls of light. Caught on camera.9/9/22
7/3/22 22:30AmbridgePAUSACircle2 circles each 3 to 5 minLarge red circle, no sound flew over 2 times then climbed and disappeared9/9/22
7/3/22 22:00KutztownPAUSAFireballWas definitely not a satellite and the reports sports are from area's Southwest of my location also seen9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 22:00KutztownPAUSAFireball3-5 minutesAppeared in sky moving Southwest it's Orange to reddish fireballs information information moving same spbeing same speed definitely not9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 21:45Bishops stortfordFormation10 secsAmazing formation turning sharply9/9/22
7/3/22 21:43Bishops stortfordHertfordshireUnited KingdomCylinder5 secondsDriving home saw 4 fast moving bright lights9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 21:30BloomsburgPAUSATriangle3 minutesVery bright lights on triangle craft, completely silent, steady speed coming in our direction, got close to use then disappeared9/9/22
7/3/22 21:22Vine GroveKYUSACylinderAround 3 minutesSetting of fireworks with my children. Daughter was first to see it, then myself and my son. I also collected 2 short video clips.9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 21:03CarmichaelCAUSASphere5 Min.Strange object entered into another9/9/22
7/3/22 20:57Tipp CityOHUSAEgg30 secondsI saw a egg shaped flying object transmitting 2 white lights9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 20:41Saranac LakeNYUSACylinder45-60 secondsObject traveling from south to north spotted with no aviation lights, engine noise or wings.9/9/22
7/3/22 20:35Grand RapidsMIUSACylinder2 minutes - approximatelyPlaying catch with my daughter - saw a soundless white tic tac9/9/22
7/3/22 18:00Big lakeAZUSAOther5Green portal down from the clouds with a orange round Pac-Man shaped mass with octagon shapes inside9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 18:00Big lake azAZUSA10 secGreen orb under water9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 17:15NorwoodMAUSATriangle5-6 minutesTriangular craft, later 2 orbs9/9/22
7/3/22 16:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAStar5secondsIt moved very very fast9/9/22
7/3/22 13:45Rock IslandILUSAChevron6 minutesSun glinted and flashed off small object, disappeared then reappeared same spot 5 min later, impression was that it was chevron shaped9/9/22
7/3/22 10:20DenverUSAChanging10-15 minsObjects floated slowly from N/NE to W/SW gaining altitude as they went9/9/22
7/3/22 10:00KutztownPAUSAFireball2 to 5 minutesI was sitting on my front porch faceing south and I saw the first UFO and it moved quickly East West. The rest is in the details9/9/22Yes
7/3/22 03:15Port RicheyFLUSATriangleRoughly a minute or soStationary, Moving in weird pattern, Sparkling Intermittently, Suddenly vanished.9/9/22
7/2/22 23:50Boundary Waters. Canadian borderMNUSATriangleOver 20min.vid of 1:30Stargazing south of Canadian border of MN. Saw 2 objects on July 2 and up to 30 more on July 3.4 miles from Sawbill lake entry point.9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 23:10HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesCraft with static lights moving slow and low across area9/9/22
7/2/22 23:00ShelbyMIUSATriangle3 to 4 hrsA blur flew by house and tried to hide with stars but it couldn't maintain as a star changed from 1 light to numerous lights9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 22:30ANTIOCHCAUSAOval15-20 secondsSee in the sky a lime green oval object, up in the sky, moving very quickly without any other lights. 3x size of plane9/9/22
7/2/22 22:29SandyORUSALight1 min. 22 sec.Seen 3 stationary large bright strobing lights in the sky behind clouds9/9/22
7/2/22 21:40UncasvilleCTUSASphere8-12 minutesThere was a bright red ball that had started racing really fast towards our general direction9/9/22
7/2/22 21:36West DeptfordNJUSACircleAlmost an hour. Ongoing.Various large lights observed over an hour.9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 21:30WiodbourneunknownA very large dome low to the ground9/9/22
7/2/22 17:07RamonaCAUSACircleStar near Cresent moonA bright star looking craft hanging around the Cresent t moon.9/9/22
7/2/22 17:05North KingstownRIUSADiamondNo duration.Object was just hovering in mid air, unlike any vehicle or object on earth. Was not affected by wind.9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 13:50HonoluluHIUSADisk1-2 minutesWas a disk shape with a blue ring on the center with a metal gray looking color around the rest9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 10:00FriscoTXUSAChanging15 minutesHigh in the sky, moving “slowly” from west to east, bright spot of light, periodically changing the brightness9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 09:00SutherlinORUSAabout 1 minAn alien in a weird space suit9/9/22
7/2/22 04:15MidvaleUTUSADisk10 minutesLarge disc slowly passing over courtyard and parking area of my apartment home at Wasatch Club apartments9/9/22
7/2/22 04:13trowbridgeWiltshireUnited KingdomChanging20 30 mins starting atIt was so massive I could not belive what I was seeing this was no way a man made object doing what it was doing9/9/22
7/2/22 01:00Glen, NH-16NHUSACirclea few secondsCircular in size 2 sets of lights around it-possibly strobing. Hovering above ground 40-50 feet9/9/22
7/2/22 00:21Death ValleyCAUSACircle8 secondsWhile watching stars through Skyview app, we found weird thing shapes like ring it was colorful. Just crossed in sky and movedvery fast9/9/22Yes
7/1/22 23:00PeterchurchStar20 seconds approxCouple of odd white starlike objects9/9/22
7/1/22 22:30HuttoTXUSALight3 secondsFive or six "stars" dancing/chasing each other in a circle.9/9/22
7/1/22 22:19HoustonTXUSAMinutes.Not clear to the naked eye.9/9/22Yes
7/1/22 22:15GreensburgPAUSALightQuick(30sec) est.Originally observed w/eyes, then recording w/SIONYX digital IR. Several lights in same area of sky,but all had different trajectories9/9/22
7/1/22 21:50LancasterOHUSALight1-2 MinutesSlowly pulsing green light with white light underneath.9/9/22
7/1/22 21:30PewaukeeWIUSALightApprox. 30-40 minutesI 1st saw a white object almost directly above me pass a star, it's luminosity increased to very bright and intense then flamed out9/9/22
7/1/22 20:00Great BendPAUSAFireball60 secondsFire in the sky traveling faster than the surrounding aircraft.9/9/22
7/1/22 18:15BronxNYUSAChangingAbout 1 minutesSeen travelling very fast north east over Van Cortlandt park9/9/22Yes
7/1/22 05:00CharlotteNCUSAOrbJuly 1st - Present dayI Just need to speak to someone9/9/22Yes
7/1/22 03:59San AntonioTXUSAUnknown2 hoursVery bright/color-pulsating object has appeared above my home at least 50 times this year. It is rarely in the same spot each time.9/9/22Yes
7/1/22 03:17ReadingPAUSAOther30 mins on July 1stI watched a brilliant very beautiful object fairly low , at first stationary, for approx.10 mins9/9/22
7/1/22 00:29LAKE ARIELPAUSALightabout 30 secsI watched from a North position as craft went by at high altitude about 50 degrees from horizon Craft flew from East to West9/9/22
6/30/22 23:08ElkhornNEUSAOther~30 minutesA lighted, fast moving object that appeared to have small wings and a circular center moving in random motions.9/9/22
6/30/22 23:00Elk RiverMNUSALight3-4 min2 red/orange lights appear out of nowhere, interact, turn, fly away9/9/22
6/30/22 22:00Santa RosaCAUSAChanging20-25 secondsstarted with 2 distinct stars that caught my attention near each other, same brightness. suddenly a 3rd appeared making a triangle9/9/22
6/30/22 21:30MarshalltownIAUSALight90 secondsI saw a solid orange light traveling at what looked like airplane speed but disappeared rather quicker than an aircraft would.9/9/22
6/30/22 21:25SusanvilleCAUSAAbout 6 secondsGreen on lower half orange upper half9/9/22
6/30/22 21:01StuttgartGermanyCylinder5-10silverish white tube-like craft with rotor-like antenna, no wings no rotor no sound moving at the apeed of a zeppelin9/9/22Yes
6/30/22 21:01StuttgartBaden-WürttembergGermanyCylinder5-10 mintube shaped silverish white object with rotor blade-like antenna hanging from top moving at the speed of a zeppelin black9/9/22
6/30/22 21:00StuttgartBaden-WürttembergGermanyCylinder5-10silverish white tube-like craft with rotor-like antenna, no wings no rotor no sound moving at the apeed of a zeppelin9/9/22
6/30/22 21:00Williamson ValleyAZUSAChevronLess than 5 minutesThree and then four lights just appeared infront of a cloud9/9/22
6/30/22 20:00palm bayFLUSALightaround 2-5 secondsflashing glowing light that changed colors while falling fast then abruptly disappeared9/9/22
6/30/22 10:56JacksonNHUSATriangleApproximately 1 minuteA bright, white triangular object appeared in the sky above tree line moving in a horizontal trajectory then disappeared quickly.9/9/22
6/30/22 09:35MansfieldOHUSACylinder10 secondsThe bright silver object was moving West to East9/9/22
6/30/22 05:39MDUSAOther1-2 minutesLarge Dark object sitting high up in the sky9/9/22
6/30/22 03:33Moreno valleyCAUSALightMinute or 2Bright light in house9/9/22
6/29/22 22:56ManchesterUnited KingdomLight2-5 minsWhilst having a cigarette in the garden we noticed 3 lights moving in the sky so got my phone out and started videoing.9/9/22
6/29/22 22:30MethuenMAUSAOval1-2 minutesTwo objects parallel to each other short distance apart9/9/22Yes
6/29/22 22:00West EndNCUSADisk25 minutesThere were lights around the side of it flashing red or green or amber sometimes all red on one side and it only move slightly left to9/9/22
6/29/22 20:25Saint GeorgeUTUSADisk60 seconds or lessDisk, no wings like an aircraft, flew through clouds at slow speed9/9/22
6/29/22 12:30DonegalPAUSACylinder10-20 sec.Bright, white cylinder flying 1000 ft. above commercial plane.9/9/22
6/29/22 11:50ColumbiaMOUSACylinder6 secondsSaw cylinder (fuselage, no wings) gliding over residential area.9/9/22
6/29/22 04:16Clinton TownshipMIUSASphereApproximately 20 minutesI think it wanted to be seen.9/9/22
6/29/22 03:35Broken ArrowOKUSACircle1 hourVery capable craft and strange movement in the sky9/9/22
6/29/22 01:03FriscoTXUSACircle30 secondsFast moving9/9/22
6/29/22 00:30LouisvilleKYUSATriangle30 secondsLow slow flying triangle with red and white lights pulsating irregularly and had light humming sound barely heard9/9/22
6/28/22 23:30WestcliffeCOUSACircleHours, unknownBright moving object w/ 5 lights on it9/9/22Yes
6/28/22 23:00St. Pete BeachFLUSALight4 minutesBright orange light over the Gulf9/9/22
6/28/22 22:45TienenFlemish BrabantBelgiumOval1 minuteBlack object with only one big white light on the back (no other aviation lights) moving very fast without sound in NW direction9/9/22
6/28/22 22:00New YorkNYUSACircle1 secondDarkish blue light, too big for a star which disappeared very quickly into the sky9/9/22Yes
6/28/22 21:50BuxtonNCUSALight20 min, ending at 9:50pmRed light appeared 3 separate times in 20 min9/9/22
6/28/22 21:40UrbandaleIAUSACircleI was at a stop light it.See sighting details9/9/22
6/28/22 21:30FresnoCAUSACircle10-12 min2 aircrafts that were RIDICULOUS LOUD!9/9/22
6/28/22 21:30FresnoCAUSACircle10-12 minutes2 UFO’s that were ridiculous LOUD!9/9/22
6/28/22 17:30LyndhurstNJUSASphere15Very bright light suspended above low clouds9/9/22
6/28/22 13:30MiamiFLUSADiskAbout 10 minutesFlying shiny silver object over Brickell in Miami, moving rapidly up and down and sideways until it disappeared9/9/22
6/28/22 12:30PotlatchIDUSASphereA few secondsFlying drone in broad daylight in a rural area, I saw a spherical shaped object appear9/9/22Yes
6/28/22 08:30northamptonPAUSATriangle5 secondsfast moving object, from east to west at 8:: 30 am9/9/22
6/28/22 05:25MontclairCAUSACigar45 minutesI have video9/9/22Yes
6/28/22 04:20ClarksvilleTNUSAStar1 1/2 secondsBright light i saw for 1 or 2 seconds. Looked like a very bright star. The. Shot straight up into the night sky. Getting smaller9/9/22
6/28/22 02:01WestbrookMEUSALightaround an hourBright red light moving around the sky as if looking for something9/9/22
6/28/22 02:00TaosNMUSALightNo more than 5 secondsIntense white light coming through our bedroom skylight9/9/22Yes
6/27/22 22:48LancasterPAUSALight2 min of travel6 ufo craft traveling south to north east9/9/22
6/27/22 22:46SuperiorWIUSARectangle4to6min.each x 4Orange,red,yellow,blue lights in different shapes high in sky moving North, Northwest. Me and my wife witnessed9/9/22Yes
6/27/22 22:17Spring ValleyCAUSAFireball1 hourUp to 5 lights appeared in the night sky and were just stationary for about an hour or more.9/9/22Yes
6/27/22 22:10CarlsbadCAUSAFormation19 minOrange and red light off coast appearing and disappearing separating then seeming like morphing into one after splitting into five9/9/22Yes
6/27/22 21:55TitusvilleFLUSALightSecondsIlluminated object appeared and streaked across sky9/9/22
6/27/22 21:24LivermoreCAUSAChanging5 sec maybeThe dots moved into a particular line and The top dot seem to have some very faint other dots trailing it I think It was 2-3 dots9/9/22
6/27/22 21:08San DiegoCAUSASphere2 minutesTwo bright lights changing color over Ocean Beach San Diego.9/9/22
6/27/22 21:00San DiegoCAUSAroughly 30 minutes nowThere’s anywhere from 2-7 in the sky at a time and will randomly disappear/ return9/9/22
6/27/22 20:40TacomaWAUSATriangle~8 secondsShapeshifting light morphs into triangle9/9/22
6/27/22 14:47El CajonCAUSAChanging1-2 minsShape-shifting Cube like object in energy orb flying in a straight path trajectory9/9/22Yes
6/27/22 03:30GayGAUSACylinder2 secondsExtremely fast moving fire orange large cylinder object9/9/22
6/26/22 21:45East GreenwichUSALight2 minutesIt looked like a drone that was flying, I also thought it may have been a helicopter but it made no noise.9/9/22
6/26/22 20:29TucsonAZUSATriangleAbout 2 minutesI saw a giant upside down triangle with 3 orange lights with all of them moving at the same time low in the sky9/9/22
6/26/22 19:48Ft. MyersFLUSAFormation<1 secondsitting on lanai saw for less than a split second white lights in formation moving through clouds.9/9/22
6/26/22 18:36MiddletonWIUSARectangle3 minutesVery bright white sliver (like a thin streak) that was very high up and moved unusually slow only to disappear as it continued NW9/9/22
6/26/22 16:49ZagrebCroatia (Hrvatska)Cigar2 minutesMy family and me were ar the lake beach, I was sunbathing and noticed this thing at the sky. It looked weird so I filmed it with my pho9/9/22
6/26/22 15:19WilmotSDUSASphere~10 secondsPilot observed two spherical shaped objects flying in formation below aircraft9/9/22
6/26/22 10:26MOUSATrail Cam captured this photo9/9/22Yes
6/26/22 09:30East BerneNYUSAChangingwatched the object 15 minwas sitting outside when I noticed the object9/9/22
6/26/22 00:30MoranbahQueenslandAustraliaLight5 minutesLight in space most likely close to earth. Burst of thrust like light every 30 seconds.9/9/22
6/25/22 23:35SummervilleSCUSAUnknown11:35-11:40I was laying in bed looking at my window. And I saw whatever it was in the sky. He was moving incredibly slow started flying backward.9/9/22
6/25/22 23:15Kansas CityKSUSATriangle2 minutesI saw blue lights that were in the shape of a triangle with a tail and some weird symbol on the front in formation.9/9/22
6/25/22 23:00IoneCAUSAOrb1 hourNothing like we've ever seen before. After the sighting we can to the street to try to see and orbs started circling around us9/9/22
6/25/22 22:35RenickWVUSALight3 minExtremely bright Orange lights by the windmills9/9/22
6/25/22 22:30CascoMEUSATriangle3 to 5 minutesObserved large rectangular lights blinking sequentially along two edges perpendicular to each other, about eight or so lights per edge.9/9/22
6/25/22 18:00HockleyEgg5 plus minsSecond sighting in less than a week … silent moving against the wind changed colors silver red black and white9/9/22
6/25/22 16:30Rancho BernardoCAUSACylinder4:32 seconds2 cylinder and then a 3rd cylinder arrived and formed a perfect triangle9/9/22Yes
6/25/22 15:30LowerteanStaffordshireUnited KingdomOval1min approximatelyOval at high altitude9/9/22
6/25/22 12:25Forest GroveORUSAFormation5 minutes7 objects9/9/22Yes
6/25/22 12:00TemeculaCAUSAOther3-4 minutesThe object looked like a multi-faceted object, reflecting sunlight from several angles. Possibly a satellite, or space debris.9/9/22
6/25/22 10:44CoronaCAUSAOval10 minutesDriving along the 91 when notices 2 planes flying very close to each other both shining one smaller than the other very hard to see9/9/22
6/25/22 05:30TahokaTXUSACircle5 minutesI was outside at about 5:30 am when I saw a bright white light and I could see the outline of a circle it was moving fast9/9/22
6/25/22 05:15SonoraCAUSASphere2 to 3 minutes.Illuminated ball of light.9/9/22Yes
6/25/22 03:47DelhiDelhiIndiaCircle5 minutes atleast2 circular moving objects in the sky9/9/22Yes
6/24/22 23:47OceansideCAUSATriangle30 secondsPossible triangle shaped object comprised of amber orange orb lights flying south along the coastline through clouds9/9/22
6/24/22 23:33inolaOKUSAOrb2 secondsVery light blue almost white orb appeared put of nowhere zipped straight down then up out of sight in the form of a checkmark9/9/22
6/24/22 23:00BeatriceNEUSAStar4 secondsVideo shows an object rotating at considerably fast speeds and seemingly stretchs as it moves at the 3 second mark.9/9/22
6/24/22 22:33StrongsvilleOHUSACylinderOne minuteCraft made hairpin U turn9/9/22
6/24/22 22:15LeanderTXUSALight30 secondsIt looked like a star moving rapidly, but it did not move or have a tail like a shooting star.9/9/22
6/24/22 21:58Walla WallaWAUSACircleApproximately 60 SecondsWhile shooting time-lapse Astrophotography I saw an extremely bright Orange to Red changing light moving East to West at +20 degrees.9/9/22Yes
6/24/22 21:15Lake Forest ParkWAUSAFireballFive minutes I noticed several orbs above the lake and it was still light9/9/22Yes
6/24/22 21:14MorrisonMSUSACircleProbably 1-2 minutesExpanding stationary light in flight path, got bigger then waned and vanished9/9/22Yes
6/24/22 20:05MansonWAUSAFireball20-30 minutesObserved a stationary ball of fire sitting on the water about 30 plus feet in diameter9/9/22Yes
6/24/22 19:12ParisONCanadaUnknown1 secondThe whole sky flashed and a craft basically appeared out of nowhere at a speed faster than any jet and then disappeared9/9/22
6/24/22 15:00SilverdaleWAUSACircle3:00pm - 3:15pmUFO sighting in the sky9/9/22
6/24/22 13:00Wheat RidgeCOUSACylinder30 minutesAn object that was higher than a plane that moved slowly and could stop for a duration of at least five minutes.9/9/22
6/24/22 03:30KotdwarUttarakhandIndiaOther20 secIt was early morning 3:30 am my sister and mom was sleeping on the roof and they wokeup as their daily routine ,then they saw two9/9/22
6/24/22 01:30DallasTXUSAOther2-3 minutesSighting of Orbs-UFO9/9/22
6/23/22 22:19USAOval3 minutesThis craft was coming towards my house and continued to grow in size, there was no noise, but I could see the outline of the trees9/9/22Yes
6/23/22 21:05West SenecaNYUSAUnknown5 minutes?See below9/9/22
6/23/22 19:00CincinnatiOHUSACircle8 min6 different circles switching positions in the air9/9/22
6/23/22 13:30Beaver DamWIUSACylinder6 minutes"Tick tack" shaped object fly over Beaver Dam towards the lake. Disappeared after two minutes, then a few seconds later another came.9/9/22
6/23/22 09:59Iowa CityIAUSARectangle10-15 secondsRectangular shaped distortion in the clouds that disturbed clouds when it disappeared9/9/22Yes
6/23/22 02:00LancasterOHUSACrossMid June 2 nights in a roI saw a craft go fast in one direction and turned and went another direction and disappeared two nights in a row.9/9/22
6/22/22 23:59ElizabethtownPAUSASphere4 hrs multiple timesI have images and videos of it pulsating at me and I think I got the first legit outline of the ship9/9/22Yes
6/22/22 23:40Fergus fallsMNUSAUnknown2 hours1st night saw stars forming triangles 2nd night saw big dipper star fighting blue smaller star then we saw mass in sky.9/9/22
6/22/22 20:02JolietILUSACylinderApproximately 5 minutesWe were sitting in my backyard. I notice a strange object moving in the clear blue sky with no sound, identifying markings, wings9/9/22
6/22/22 15:30TacomaWAUSACircle5 minutes2 different sized balls of light that flew very quickly9/9/22
6/22/22 14:00MauiUnited StatesOval10-30 minutesGlowing green light hovering over the ocean during day time9/9/22Yes
6/22/22 04:15Winter HavenFLUSATriangle20 minutesOne triangle, 3 orbs above, 3 below, 3 behind.9/9/22
6/21/22 21:25USASphere35 secondsBest initial assumption similar to SkyLab in the late 79's but much higher altitude. Sphere was on a specific trajectory, not falling9/9/22
6/21/22 21:00EnfieldCTUSALightLess than 5 minutesOrange light moving in multiple directions, then vanishing9/9/22
6/20/22 22:49EriePAUSACylinder10 minutesMy mother and I saw them. After we went in the house there was a jolt of electricity9/9/22Yes
6/20/22 20:32Silver LakeNHUSAChanging3 minutesBright pink object spotted at high altitude @ high rate of speed9/9/22
6/19/22 21:51GatineauQuebecCanadaEgg4 secondsObject pictured appeared on unmonitored camera; is it anomalous or an airplane?9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 13:20NMUSACylinderCaught on photo.After viewing photos several days later, 2 separate unknown shape were seen in the photos when zooming in.9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 02:16YorkPAUSACircle3 minutesViewed a ring shaped object moving north for about 3 minutes.9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 01:15Near CanistotaSDUSAUnknown5 minutes give or takeSeemed as though you could see headlights coming off of it, but the beam expanded9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 01:00RichmondINUSACircle3 minutesBright white light round craft moving extremely fast in high altitude west to South. Crossed visual view left to right in 3 minutes9/9/22
6/18/22 22:30JupiterFLUSAUnknown5 min.The time is approx.Red or orange fire streams darting up down left right very fast and sparatic unlike any aircraft we have can move. Above the ocean.9/9/22
6/18/22 22:00CrossSCUSALight20 minutesSaw a green light in sky then seperated to 3 red lights and red light had a white white light shine down to ground an a white bein9/9/22
6/18/22 16:50HockleyTXUSAEgg15- 20 minsSaw one throbbing rotating orb that changed colors from red - black - silver9/9/22
6/18/22 14:25Richmond, kyUnknown5-10secondsBright silver light thought to be aircraft reflection on a clear day for a few seconds instantly disappeared saw no craft or object9/9/22
6/17/22 21:45CrossSCUSADiamond20 minutesI was walking my dog about 9:30 pm at night I saw this green light and then I saw this red light come from the green light9/9/22
6/17/22 21:22AllenwoodPAUSATriangle12minutesSouth Williamsport route 15 south heading to Allenwood9/9/22
6/16/22 09:05LondonCity of LondonUnited KingdomOval25 minutesOval object with multiple flashing lights displaying unusual flight pattern and an ability to hover motionlessly9/9/22Yes
6/15/22 22:00ExtonPAUSAFormation1 minuteI saw a large cluster of individual bright white lights roll through. They seemed to be two distinct groups churning around9/9/22
6/15/22 19:00roanokeStar3 hoursseeing effects of manmade aircraft UFO9/9/22
6/14/22 17:40Pua’ena Point Beach ParkHIUSADiamondWe were on a beach in Hawaii taking photos and this image appeared on my camera for a split second and was gone9/9/22Yes
6/14/22 03:00Christmas ValleyORUSACircle3 secondsObject floating in sky just below the clouds then it zipped across the sky instantaneous leaving a trail of light across the sky.9/9/22
6/11/22 23:45MansfieldMAChanging1 1/2 months - current3'×3' Strobing objects visible nightly9/9/22Yes
6/11/22 15:00Dennis PortMAUSASphereA few momentssmall white sphere spotted on horizon off coast of Dennis Port, MA9/9/22
6/10/22 20:44HighlandNYUSADisk5-6 secondsShe was taking a video of sunset and caught the lights cut across them back into frame then across again and cut back to speed away9/9/22
6/10/22 08:28Orange BeachALUSACircleDid not see except on picI noticed the object in a picture I took on a fishing trip. Did not see in real time9/9/22Yes
6/9/22 21:21Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging34 secondsSaw these objects appear, move and then vanish.9/9/22
6/8/22 19:30AppletonWIUSACigar3-5 minutesSilver stainless steel cigar shape, no engine or navigation, clearly visible, 500 yard up, watch leave orbit with bright star burst9/9/22
6/5/22 17:45Beach HavenNJUSAOval20 minutesSpotted tiny pill shaped object that was at commercial flight altitude while sitting at beach.9/9/22
6/4/22 20:59Point pleasantNJUSAChangingFive hoursI am a security guard at a beach and I saw blinking things in the sky they formed the triangles and squares they changed colors9/9/22Yes
6/4/22 15:00PortlandORUSAChanging2 - 3 minutesShape shifting tictac object on a clear day9/9/22
6/1/22 22:45LucknullUSALight2minsRing camera motion sensor9/9/22
6/1/22 15:00Port BlairAndaman and Nicobar IslandsIndiaCircleThat was a UFO lot's of people saw that9/9/22Yes
5/31/22 09:20USAUnknownnot sure, 10-20 minAs passenger on plane, cruising altitude, daylight, saw 3 bright lights,(headlights, oncoming) in triangle pattern, approach plane9/9/22Yes
5/30/22 03:30ToomsboroGAUSADiamond4 hoursTwo aircraft spotted and observed for about 4 hours9/9/22Yes
5/29/22 22:45HamburgNYUSACircleWent on for about 17 minWas enjoying the evening by the fire always looking at the sky..then this object came out of the west skies9/9/22
5/29/22 22:06ArlingtonVAUSACircle46 secondsI spotted a white and greenish object that was flashing and moved eastward at a steady rate of speed until it disappeared9/9/22
5/29/22 19:53KnoxvilleTNUSAOtherMaybe About 30 MinutesBlack, maybe car size and shape, non-symetrical. Maybe metal9/9/22
5/29/22 00:00MiddlebourneWVUSAOrbVideod orb for 4 to 5 miI was in the back of my vehicle when I just happened to look ahead and out of the ground came a pulsating light. 2 others confirmed9/9/22Yes
5/28/22 23:42LargoFLUSALight3 minutes5 orange globes9/9/22Yes
5/25/22 22:00North hamptonNHUSALight3-5 minsWent outside to smoke, and saw something very bizzare9/9/22
5/24/22 22:30HoustonTXUSAFormationless then a minuteTwo events into one.9/9/22
5/24/22 21:08CarmelCAUSACircle2-3 minHuge, bright red/orange lights over the ocean.9/9/22
5/23/22 19:15SpartanburgSCUSAOther3 to 5 secondsThey flew by me so fast. Like one was chasing the other.9/9/22
5/17/22 20:24Pine HillALUSADiskI was watching the stars and caught a light flashing it wasn’t anything I had ever seen bf9/9/22Yes
5/17/22 04:36Lake tomahawkWIUSACigar3 minutesSaw two bright lights, daylight had already broke, the one light took off extremely fast, the other just stayed still9/9/22Yes
5/15/22 23:54SurpriseAZUSAMADAR Node 201 had interesting data but no code blue.9/9/22
5/15/22 23:29CarrolltonGAUSASphere4 or 5 or so hrsA bright glowing Sphere all over the sky.9/9/22Yes
5/15/22 21:53PhoenixAZUSAOtherCaught On Camera During Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse9/9/22Yes
5/15/22 21:15PortlandORUSAMADAR Node 66, spikes in data.9/9/22
5/14/22 19:27Chesterfield, EnglandUnited Kingdom50 seconds but video onlyClear sky, object moving rapidly in multiple directions appeared large but somewhat smaller when video taken.9/9/22
5/13/22 20:30LansingMIUSASphere3 to 5 min on CameraDid CE5 (Dr Greer) Protocols Thursday night/Fri Am, Craft Arrived at my House Fri 830/9pm9/9/22Yes
5/13/22 00:30Miranda de EbroBurgos ProvinceSpainSphere30 minutosRealizo una foto a la Luna. Veo algo oscuro, amplio la foto y veo esta esfera rocosa. Y en 30 minutos no podía verla9/9/22Yes
5/11/22 20:40SpeersPAUSASphere10 minutesWatched a UAP emerge from a bright white area in sky, moved non-linearly as I began videoing on my phone, moved and dropped near Speers9/9/22
5/11/22 12:17MorgantonNCUSAChangingAbout an hour1 object looking like a transparent changes to rectangle9/9/22
5/10/22 15:12Blue RidgeGAUSAOther5 MinutesVideo recorded using a cell phone affixed to a stationary object with velcro9/9/22Yes
5/6/22 03:00Madiera beach33708FLUSADisk30 mins visible took picTook pic of light anomaly then seen orange craft in pic9/9/22Yes
5/2/22 01:00Thompson StationTNUSAMADAR Node 33, spike in field reading with 4-deg compass swing.9/9/22
5/1/22 13:00PittstownNYUSAOther5 minutesSaw something hovering in the sky9/9/22Yes
4/30/22 17:45BrooklynNYUSAFormation30 minutesI looked in the bright blue sky and saw a large formation of white discs.9/9/22Yes
4/29/22 05:33KitchenerONCanadaCircle15 plus minsTwo bright circular objects, bigger than any star just standing still.9/9/22Yes
4/26/22 23:53Salt Lake CityTXUSAFormationI found it in a picI actually did not see this live I was just taking pics of my view from standing outside on my balcony9/9/22Yes
4/24/22 19:30JonesboroARUSAOther1 minJust was filming a storm in front of a tornado.9/9/22Yes
4/17/22 23:52ClevelandOHUSARectangle5 to 10 minutesLong organic like a train, cigar, serpent 2 football fields long.9/9/22Yes
4/15/22 19:39TesuqueNMUSALight1 minuteMothership hovering above Los Alamos, NM9/9/22Yes
4/15/22 17:04PhoenixAZUSARectangle3 seconds (Live Photo)I am a nature hobby photographer and randomly took photo — in looking through photos I saw movement in live shot9/9/22Yes
4/15/22 17:04PhoenixAZUSARectangle2 secondsTaking photos of sky/cloud formations on iPhone on 4/15/2022, reviewed photos in July and noted movement in Live9/9/22Yes
4/14/22 21:23Casa GrandeAZUSAUnknownJust a few minutesSitting watching the view9/9/22
4/11/22 18:00Fort LauderdaleTryingFLUSAOccurred all evening,Cameras or video aimed at the stars was being broadcast through the hospital on Chanel #89/9/22
4/10/22 22:43Egg harbor twpNJUSAOrbTime stamed 13sec video 213 seconds of video of light orb9/9/22
4/10/22 01:57WeirtonWVUSAMADAR Node 192 Interesting spikes at time of Clarksburg sighting9/9/22
4/2/22 15:00JacksonMIUSAOvalOver a house with a funnel going down to the house9/9/22
3/28/22 23:01SeattleWAUSAOval1-5 minutesI was walking home from work when I saw this glowing object changing shape ((NUFORC Note: Profanity in video. PD))9/9/22
3/27/22 20:10SpokaneWAUSADisk15 minutesDisk with flashing lights, figure at treeline with glowing eyes9/9/22
3/26/22 21:30StaffordStaffordshireUnited KingdomUnknown4 minutesI parked on carpark facing my property and on the sky was a strange flashing object moving across the sky. I immediately grabbed my pho9/9/22Yes
3/24/22 06:10Port richeyFLUSATriangle15 seconds5 circle what looked like lights underneath in the shape of a "v". Craft was transparent and very quite.9/9/22
3/22/22 19:32San Juan CapistranoCAUSALight35 secondsBright, spherical light observed in person and short video recording9/9/22Yes
3/20/22 22:17Grants PassORUSAFireball60 secDeep red and yellow with multiple tails behind9/9/22Yes
3/19/22 19:54GeorgetownSCUSAChangingApproximately 51secondsObject moved from west to east, I was looking towards the north9/9/22
3/15/22 21:00oak HillFLUSAUnknown5-6 secondsCame from north to south flashing like a strobe light. It went from one horizon to the other in about 4 seconds and made no sound9/9/22
3/12/22 23:35Oaxtepec, Morelos, MexicoMorelosMexicoOther8 secondsAt least six lights locked together like attached to a dark hidden object moving slowly from north to south between two large t9/9/22
3/12/22 15:00MimbresNMUSA10 minutesIt appeared in the sky across the road9/9/22
3/10/22 13:00Virginia BeachVAUSASphere5 minutesCloudlike spherical object with no real form but hard edges appeared and held a position at altitude despite winds aloft then vanished9/9/22
3/9/22 07:00CarlingfordCounty LouthIrelandTriangle3 mins roughly99% sure eye of proviance9/9/22
3/3/22 13:16LakewayTXUSATriangle1 secondI was getting mail and took a picture of chemtrails9/9/22Yes
2/28/22 20:41Saint LouisMOUSAChevronAbout one to two minutesTic Tac to Chevron9/9/22Yes
2/24/22 23:00Bismarck North DakotaUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsDiskStill seen 6am on blinkIt appeared on my blink camera clips.9/9/22
2/24/22 10:48Santa FeNMUSASphereShortSecond floor of Capitol building while on self guided tour9/9/22Yes
2/22/22 18:50LafayetteGAUSAFireballOver an hourA fireball looking circle orangeish and blueish colors illuminating9/9/22Yes
2/14/22 18:00West LafayetteTriangle30 seconds or soDriving along South River Rd. and saw three big white lights in triangle formation above the Wabash River9/9/22
2/12/22 04:17OrlandCAUSAOtherReappearing serpent like creatures that bite9/9/22
2/10/22 21:15WhittierCAUSAUnknown2.28Color changing orbs of some kind9/9/22
2/7/22 19:34HillsboroILUSAFireball30 to 40 minutesI was sitting out on my porch and there was 3 red lights in a triangle shape. I thought well it must be a tower. Then one was a firebal9/9/22
2/6/22 11:13BaltimoreMDUSAUnknownJust under 5 minutesIt was just hovering around like a drone but moved very rapidly and disappeared in the blink of an eye9/9/22
2/5/22 18:50YumaAZUSACircle1 second probablyCaptured inadvertently in photo9/9/22Yes
2/4/22 13:08PlainsUSALightTwo mintuesI was laying on my living room floor,and seen what looked like a fire on the mountain.i got my phone took pictures and video9/9/22Yes
1/24/22 05:00ColumbusOHUSA10 to 20 minutes or longeUnknown vehicle Hovering over tree front west back east bottom cover with led lights two strobe north and south of wingspan9/9/22
1/20/22 23:59marathonFLUSATriangle10 secondsGiant black triangle goes from horizon to horizon 8 seconds mock 30 or 40 without a sound barley visible9/9/22
1/19/22 17:30AvingerTXUSACigar2 Minutes3 Cigar Shaped Craft, form a Triangle formation higher in sky, then moved apart and flew off below the treeline horizon with no sound9/9/22Yes
1/19/22 16:00TaylorsvilleKYUSACircle10 minutesViewed UAP from my back yard9/9/22Yes
1/19/22 02:30farmvilleLight12 minutes8-10 objects moving at incredible speeds in and out of cloud cover9/9/22
1/15/22 18:00YorkPAUSAOther5 MinutesWitnessed glowing orb followed by 2 Helicopters9/9/22
1/4/22 11:55TaylorsvilleKYUSAOval2 minsRecorded in back yard9/9/22
12/31/21 22:00CuautlaMorelosMexico10 minTypical UFO right above my head about 20 meters stopped then started slowly rising and later disappeared into the horizon9/9/22
12/31/21 06:36MorgantonNCUSAChangingUnknownI saw a geometric orb that changed into what looked like a pumice stone9/9/22Yes
12/23/21 21:30DenverCOUSACircle7 minutesBall of light caught on video9/9/22
12/3/21 07:00boynton beachFLUSACylinderabout 45 minuetsI saw craft exit portal/vortex9/9/22
11/30/21 21:30RossvilleGAUSAOrbAbout 30 min?A bright orb coming towards my window, which became two alien beings.9/9/22
11/28/21 23:21North HighlandsCAUSAChanging15 to 20 minutesThis anomaly appeared to be a very large living creature that communicated with me and a person that was present9/9/22
11/23/21 23:15GreenbeltMDUSATriangle10 minutesSquadron of 12 triangular objects flying in linear formation9/9/22
11/20/21 17:19NampaIDUSAChanging3-4 minutesSmall craft with smoke trails and extraordinary maneuvers9/9/22Yes
11/18/21 18:30CordesvilleSCUSAOrbapproximately 15 minutesI saw an orb of light that swung as if on a pendulum and it's appearance caused the entire forest to go quiet.9/9/22
11/18/21 15:58HoustonTXUSALightBriefI was taking pictures of the eclipse when I saw it.9/9/22Yes
11/11/21 21:05SouthamptonCity of SouthamptonUnited KingdomUnknown2 minutesFlashing behind clouds and cilindric flying object9/9/22
11/11/21 11:00LeavenworthKSUSACircleApproximately 3 minutesI was taking a video of the flyover and during review I noticed several shinny objects mimicking the aircrafts9/9/22Yes
11/10/21 20:11Basalt/ Carbondale/ Glenwood SpringsCOUSACircle11/26/2021 to 8/8/2022There are over 400 unnderground in the ridge off Willits lane9/9/22
11/8/21 06:49MorgantoNCUSAChangingUnknownBlue orb that had a light run into it and flare up of light9/9/22
11/1/21 21:00Flowery branchGAUSATriangle5 monthsWould see different crafts over the course of of 5 months9/9/22Yes
10/23/21 21:44FresnoCAUSAFireballTook a 19 second video.Saw a fireball heading up towards zigzagging flashing lights.9/9/22
10/17/21 19:42LimaOHUSALight3 min. 46 sec.Above my house and slightly to the west, I saw a light moving erratically. It appeared to be at a distance of 150 to 200 yards away.9/9/22
10/4/21 18:00Lambton washingtonCity of SunderlandUnited KingdomCone3 hoursFlashing back and forth , then reappeared as a stationary side cone shape for 2 hours or so, then disapeared9/9/22Yes
10/4/21 15:45Sow LowAZUSASphere24 secI got it on video! in day time.9/9/22
9/18/21 22:27SarasotaFLUSACircleMultipleBall of light9/9/22
9/13/21 12:30EdmontonABCanadaSphere2 minutesHuge sphere like 10 meters in diameter with six symmetrical cone like spikes.9/9/22Yes
9/10/21 20:13Fort WorthTXUSAFormationless than 5 minutesI witnessed a formation of circular lights moving all at once, in a slow pace9/9/22
9/5/21 21:22TorontoONCanadaDiskFew secondsThe object/aircraft was moving very rapidly. Disappeared in a few seconds.9/9/22Yes
8/21/21 23:00WashingtonCTUSAUnknown3 to 5 minutesI saw these lights three times now in two different locations9/9/22Yes
8/14/21 23:04watertownWIUSAOtherI saw it for about 15 secthe sun was reflected off the moon showing the ufo.9/9/22
7/15/21 16:00KhabarovskKhabarovsk KraiRussiaCircleprobably 15 minutes.3 objects, one smaller than others. 2 giant circles had purple lights on the edges. Perhaps for hypnosis.9/9/22
7/11/21 19:15Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador (120 kms away at cabin)NFCanadaChanging7:15 PM-8:25 PM Stealtcamvarious pictures taken with stealth cam showing one object breaking into two objects sending light beams to the ground then going back9/9/22Yes
7/6/21 19:44Chapel HillNCUSAOther3 film clips approx 6 minA friend of mine sent me 3 film clips of odd plasmas caught in his security cam. Almost seems like one group attacking another, sounds9/9/22
6/30/21 13:00NVUSACigar2-3 minutesMetallic looking blimp. Moving across mountain top, object was close enough to easily see, it was making no noise.9/9/22
6/26/21 16:20SaginawTXUSAUnknown3-4 secondsTaking pictures of a weather balloon and captured UAP.9/9/22Yes
6/23/21 13:09WenonahNJUSAOrb5 minutes from initialSoap bubble type orb landing9/9/22
6/20/21 02:40LondonKYUSALightMinutesIt made no noise and it's lights were changing , hovering right over us then disappeared9/9/22
6/18/21 12:00AuburnKYUSASphereA few seconds.A metallic sphere stationary/hovering above my car and was visible through my front windshield and my sunroof which was open.9/9/22Yes
6/15/21 12:00Casa GrandeAZUSACylinderJust a few minutesDoing some work outside when I noticed odd aircraft.9/9/22Yes
6/13/21 02:35LonsdaleMNUSAOrb10 secondsOn the way home from work saw something that was not a star9/9/22
6/9/21 12:21Tower HillILUSACigar10 MinObject stood out in the sky when a storm was in the area.9/9/22Yes
6/6/21 17:44San Bosco, Santa BárbaraHeredia ProvinceCosta RicaOvalPictured, 6 secondsUFO in Costa Rica9/9/22Yes
6/2/21 23:56MooreUSADisk2 minutes or soDay time disk9/9/22
5/30/21 01:30ColumbusOHUSALightRoughly 5-10 minWe never passed the lights and if it were city lights we would have passed them at some point .. but they sped up. Watch!9/9/22
5/23/21 22:45TetoniaIDUSAOther3-5 minsCouple hundred lights IT WAS NOT A STARLINK9/9/22
5/15/21 21:30Lake StevensWAUSA1 minuteDull yellow light spotted, 50ft above us9/9/22
5/9/21 19:30ChennaiTamil NaduIndiaLightFew secondsSmall bright whight light9/9/22
5/7/21 01:00MidlandMIUSAFormation3 minutes3 light up arrow shaped craft fly over us with no sound and almost "cloaked" around the rest of the sky9/9/22
5/3/21 16:35SpringfieldMOUSACigar20 secondsSaw a stationary black craft twice as big as airplane.9/9/22
4/23/21 05:56Post fallsIDUSAUnknown20 secondsWeird metallic exhaust or vapor trail9/9/22
3/9/21 19:45Ball GroundGAUSAMADAR Node 129 MultiSensor Verification9/9/22
3/9/21 19:43Ball GroundGAUSAMADAR Node 129 (spikes found in data).9/9/22
3/9/21 19:43Ball GroundGAUSACylinder20 secsBright Cylinder about one foot (1x1) no sound or heat. Service Dog noticed it.9/9/22
3/9/21 19:43Ball GroundGAUSACylinder20 secsBright cylinder, rectangle observed above roof. Sensed by service dog, camera and madar.9/9/22
3/9/21 19:43Ball GroundGAUSACylinder20 secsBright Cylinder (1'x1') no sound or heat. Service Dog noticed it. Apple iPhone 11 unable to lock on target t9/9/22
1/21/21 18:47Hobart MillsUSAOrb17 minutesI was attacked by orbs and then chased by them in my car, I had my brother on one phone and recorded the incident on another during it.9/9/22
12/31/20 20:00dunstableUnited KingdomChanging5mins felt longer guessinlights seen in clouds asked them to unclock messing around but some crafts showed them self9/9/22
12/18/20 17:00Great BarringtonMAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle, 40 to 50 feet long, dark grey, a point of light on each corner, 3 very bright lights clustered on bottom middle, each about 49/9/22
12/10/20 15:00Running SpringsCAUSASphereBlue spherical shape with what appears to be evenly spaced lights all around it9/9/22Yes
11/18/20 19:10MiamiFLUSADiamond1 hourI was taking pictures of the moon when I notice the object had to focus on the object with camera to take the picture9/9/22Yes
11/18/20 17:54New OrleansLAUSARectangleUnknownNot focused on the UFO9/9/22Yes
11/12/20 00:28BoringORUSACircle10-15minutesThe colors and flight pattern was what caught my attention.9/9/22Yes
9/19/20 21:09NottinghamNHUSAChanging10 minutes10-minute sighting9/9/22Yes
8/20/20 01:00CoralvilleIAUSAUnknownI was getting a drink of water and I saw weird lights.9/9/22
7/25/20 19:30Miami FloridaFLUSALight30-45 secondsBlue light beaming across the sky progressing forward in its path but moving from side to side with speed no human made craft can do.9/9/22
7/24/20 22:12GlenwoodMEUSALightAtleast 2 minutesA single floating light moving erratically and with inexplicable speed in northern maine woods.9/9/22
7/21/20 21:30WinfieldINUSAUnknown3 minutesA strange looking cloud appeared then about 5 flashes of light behind it.9/9/22
7/16/20 23:09Corpus ChristiTXUSALightAbout 10 minutesMy family experienced a circle of bright light such as a stadium light floating in a circle and then silently zoomed away fast.9/9/22
7/14/20 22:52SouthwickMAUSAOther>20 minutesA pyramid shaped uap spotted near the tree lines with four distinct “engines”9/9/22Yes
5/11/20 03:37YuleeFLUSAOval1 u.a.p.I woke up & went outside to smoke a cigarette & watched it in the sky.9/9/22
5/9/20 21:00Stevenson RanchCAUSAChangingless than 5 minutesThe ship could change shape from a triangle, to a b2 bomber shape, and finally to an airplane. Telepathic, influence, feeling.9/9/22
4/28/20 23:00KearneyNEUSATriangle5 minutesAfter sunset 2 large UFOs flying away9/9/22
4/28/20 21:31Oklahoma CityOKUSAOtherMore than a minuteWe were on our way inside when we seen something flying in the sky. The way it moved did not resemble an aircraft that we know of.9/9/22Yes
4/22/20 22:56LondonLondon Borough of Barking and DagenhamUnited KingdomOval2hoursThis object appeared over two evenings and was clear to the naked eye and I wanted to record what it was and captured some images9/9/22Yes
1/14/20 21:00USACircleUnknownDidn't notice at first9/9/22
10/21/19 00:00IthacaNYUSASphere2 minutesA 1 or 2 ft. glowing green sphere traveled alongside my car for 2 minutes, about 6 to 10 ft. from my car window, then landed in woods.9/9/22
9/27/19 05:40CypressTXUSADisk5-10 secondslighted disk hovering about 200ft up in the air about 100ft ahead of me and immediately flew backward and upward at an angle9/9/22
9/20/19 20:00Twin FallsIDUSAFormation20 minutesDiagonal light formation9/9/22Yes
9/19/19 20:22FortunaCAUSACircle15 minutesOrange circles flying up and disappearing one by one.9/9/22
9/14/19 21:45AucklandAuckland RegionNew ZealandOrb15-20 minutesObserved Orbs clustering around each other, merging into one which glowed faded red.9/9/22
9/10/19 03:00HighlandCAUSACircle3 minutesI saw a very bright circle type of ship flying in the sky very souratic like a pinball machine in the sky and than it flew away fast9/9/22
7/17/19 21:57CALDWELLIDUSALight2 minutestwo square shaped lights9/9/22Yes
6/27/19 16:10Rehoboth BeachDEUSAOther5 minutes. 1 recorded.Have video that looks like a cloaked object moving across the sky.9/9/22
5/29/19 04:49Desert Hot SpringsCAUSAFormation1min 20 secLight in the sky breaks off into three floating orbs9/9/22
3/2/19 16:00ConwayWAUSAOval2 minutesOlivia took a picture of the clouds, when she looked at the picture on her phone she saw the image of a UFO.9/9/22Yes
1/24/19 18:30FredericksburgVAUSASpherefour secondsWhile driving at night, I watched two blue-green, light-emitting spheres flying fast9/9/22
1/22/19 04:20Desert Hot SpringsCAUSALight1 minI have video of this floating light over mountain tops in Desert Hot springs California9/9/22
9/7/18 12:00California GullyVictoriaAustraliaTrianglemaybe 1 minute +5 feet on all sides, looked very heavy and looked like solid metal.9/9/22
9/6/18 12:00California GullyVictoriaAustraliaTriangleAround a minute8 feet on all sides, looked very heavy and looked like solid metal.9/9/22Yes
9/4/18 22:00HowardPAUSALight20 minutesErratic "bumble bee" flight pattern- red light flying object9/9/22
8/10/18 03:30BurnsvilleMNUSACircleObserved for five minutesSeen three bright circular objects flying in triangular formation9/9/22
6/4/18 01:00Clinton/DunnNCUSAFireball5-10 minsFireball/Orb was pulsating and when it got closer it appeared to have a face image9/9/22
4/16/18 22:25Port CharlotteFLUSAChevron7 seconds approxLow V shapped craft at about 1000 to 2000 ft. passed low and fast. Roughly 7 or 8 puck type dull lights underneath9/9/22Yes
4/15/18 18:33HuttoTXUSAOrb8+ minutesTwo orbs rotating around each other.9/9/22Yes
4/11/18 00:55CochraneONCanadaUnknown1 minuteUnusual sighting on a highway at night9/9/22
2/20/18 16:24JesupGAUSARectangle4 yearsLooked kinda like a Drone how it flew close to me and hovered, no noise, red light9/9/22Yes
2/18/18 22:30Evans MillsNYUSAChangingabout four minabove the ground twenty feet off the ground a hundred feet from my house9/9/22
1/17/18 00:52Corpus ChristiTXUSAOther15 minutesA wheel like structure along with numerous white craft in the sky at night.9/9/22
12/15/17 12:00winooskiVTUSAOval5 to 10 secondsbroad daylight, about 20 feet above highway 89 S, white colored oval shaped craft from right side to left side, going slow, no wings.9/9/22
11/22/17 16:44SacramentoCAUSADiskA few minutesSaw saucers in the sky while driving on freeway9/9/22Yes
11/1/17 14:00Flying in commercial airplaneUSATriangle15-20 minutesEnormous vertical wings protruding from clouds9/9/22
10/11/17 03:45WenatcheeWAUSASphere35I saw a bright sphere moving erratically and unusually across the lake and through the hills and trees.9/9/22
10/6/17 17:32Smokey Point ArlingtonWAUSAChanging12 minutesI have photos of my encounter9/9/22Yes
9/17/17 18:55AtlantaGAUSASphere10 secondsFloating sphere(s) seen out airline window9/9/22
6/21/17 01:02Broken ArrowOKUSAUnknown30 secondsIt wasn't a craft I was face to face with an alien9/9/22
6/8/17 21:30Old BridgeNJUSAOther1/2 hourI have photos of what looks like a huge boat in the sky9/9/22Yes
12/31/16 19:00LowellUSAOrb1/2 hourLarge Orange red orb with two smaller ones following it low altitude over lake9/9/22Yes
11/4/16 13:00The Grand CanyonAZUSADiamond2 secondsUFO top left of video9/9/22
9/30/16 22:00MiddleriverMDUSA5-10min7 bord like images illuminating very bright florescent light.9/9/22
9/24/16 03:22Indiana TwpPAUSARectangle5 secondsPicture on my trail camera9/9/22Yes
8/15/16 00:00Camp GeigerNHUSASphereTwenty secondsOne red sphere/globe being traced by two fighter jets9/9/22
7/28/16 04:42oxnardCAUSAOrb10 secondssaw a flash of light going through the sky and dissappear behind trees. 4 of us saw it, no sound and no flashing.9/9/22
7/20/16 21:00Lake View PlantationMEUSAStar10 MinutesThere were two sightings, primary on the lake and subsequent sighting in 2017 on campus at the University of Maine.9/9/22
7/15/16 02:00Cottage Grove, 78920 Adams rd.Triangle5-6 min ?A-you could see out side with out a flashlight. The moon hung very low, just above the object and reflected off, showing it very clearl9/9/22
7/2/16 05:16FitchburgMAUSATriangle4 secondsit left me baffled to see a huge triangle UFO in the sky at night9/9/22
4/8/16 08:28BridgevilleDEUSAChangingMe and my mom were jogging and to our right over a line of trees comes a slowly hovering uap came right above us scared her amazed me9/9/22
3/28/16 03:33BronxNYUSACircle1minuteSeen blue glowing object spining then it turned into two white objects then vanished.9/9/22
1/1/16 22:30RidgewoodNJUSAOther5-8 minutesSmall craft traveling low and slow with clear dome emitting orange and red light9/9/22
12/25/15 17:00GlobeAZUSASphere5 minutesLate afternoon, have two pics.9/9/22
12/24/15 22:45Show LowAZUSACircleAround 8 minutesObject very high in the sky moving around all over the place9/9/22
9/25/15 20:00Des MoinesIAUSA30 secondsOrb going across the sky9/9/22
8/15/15 22:00RomeoMIUSAFireball45 minutesSizable fireball that looked like the sun that did not illuminate the sky stood in place behind a tree line for 20+ minutes.9/9/22
8/10/15 17:30Chula VistaCAUSA1 secondCreature in photo9/9/22Yes
5/26/15 12:00GreenfieldOHUSACigar20-30 secondsNickle silver cigar shape slow flying object9/9/22
5/15/15 20:30DouglasvilleGAUSAOrbApprox. 5-8 minutesPulsating light seen in my backyard.9/9/22
3/28/15 23:42San PedroCAUSACircle2minutes and 41 secondsIt was two circle balls of light moving right next to eachother moving side to side and jus disappeared out of nowhere9/9/22
2/25/15 05:00Point hopeAKUSATriangle20 secondsI woke up to start the work truck and smoke a cigarette, this thing silently flew over.9/9/22
12/13/14 21:53PawcatuckUSAOther5-8 secondsHover board looking space craft9/9/22Yes
7/27/14 02:00DickersonMDUSACircle3 minutesStationary circular shaped extremely bright. We watched it for a few minutes. Suddenly it moved straight in our direction.9/9/22
7/9/14 22:00ArabiGAUSALightLess than 1 minuteCar headlight like lights lit us up from the sky.9/9/22
6/13/14 13:00FincastleVAUSARectangleLess than a minuteTaking picture of clouds; only saw after reviewed photo.9/9/22Yes
12/24/13 17:00AlbuquerqueNMUSA12 hoursI had a 12 hour time lapse where I cannot recall anything. When I woke up next morning, I was cured of medical conditions/symptoms.9/9/22
11/6/13 14:27Daly CityCAUSADiskFirst didn't understandExactly as said then it went swiftly to tha left swiftly to the right and then just shot up into space on a perfectly clear day wow.9/9/22
9/18/13 20:45LincolnNEUSAChangingIt only lasted 1 minute oEdge of something glowing orange and dripping molten metal with a right angle to an orange rectangle that quickly faded.9/9/22
8/17/13 21:00BuffaloNYUSAStar20 secondsSmall red dots that were spinning above us that disappeared as they spun and as I began to take my phone camera out.9/9/22
7/17/13 19:20NallapaduAndhra PradeshIndiaTriangle10 secondsThe side it came from. I saw in the map. It was around Beijing or Shanghai. Three white lights around it's corners. No sound. Smooth.9/9/22
6/28/13 22:30NJUSA5-7 SecondsDriving to the shore from PA, observed a slow moving, V shaped craft at tree top level, silently cross the highway from right to left9/9/22Yes
5/5/13 03:00a small town area of 3 connected lakes known as rainbow lakeMIUSALightit lasted about 5 minutesit was a light/craft that came into our atmosphere9/9/22
2/15/13 03:00Camp MackallNCUSASphere40 second or lessGlowing Sphere, Extremely fast and silent. Didn't cast any light from the craft.9/9/22
8/11/12 23:30EdmontonABCanadaOrb45 minutesWe saw at least a dozen white spheres darting back and forth and between each other at very high speed for more than 45 minutes9/9/22
6/10/12 02:00BaltimoreMDUSAChanging5 minutesA very large, glowing, constantly changing iridescent oval-like shape came in from the water9/9/22
5/12/12 21:15WoonsocketRIUSASphere5+minutesLIGHT TECH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>9/9/22
4/26/12 02:30CataumetMAUSASphere40 secondsWhitish-yellow sphere about 6 feet above pond surface, not reflecting off of water, drifting to the left slowly, across pond (75 yards9/9/22
12/22/11 23:00Fort davisTXUSAOtherTwo sightings 1-4mins eacTwice with the same group I saw a craft not aerodynamic at all with no propulsion obvious silently move faster then sound.9/9/22
10/15/11 02:00Lees SummitMOUSAChanging5 minutesShape-shifting triangle craft hovered right above us.9/9/22
9/11/11 01:06SalinasCAUSA2 minutesBlack , no noise ,flames out of the back orb9/9/22
5/17/11 18:30Lake Indoon in Western AustraliaWestern AustraliaAustraliaOtherseveral hours from 6.30pmTypical grey metallic saucer shape with 3 lights white and red round the middle/body9/9/22
12/31/10 22:45KennewickWAUSATriangle15 minutesThree Bright dots in a triangle shape hoovering over Denny's on New Years Eve9/9/22
12/23/10 09:45Fort SmithARUSALightAround 20 minutes1 craft in a square shape with blinking changing colors9/9/22
8/8/10 21:00SousseTunisiaRectangleabout 5 secondsA large black four sided object floated across the night sky.9/9/22
6/12/10 20:20McNabbILUSALight30-45 secondsI saw a ball of light that hovered and shot out of sight when I turned toward it9/9/22
4/10/10 18:00Michigan cityINUSADisk10 secondsSpotted a flying disk while playing with my brother and he can attest to it.9/9/22
12/26/09 22:00LeighLancashireUnited KingdomLight1 minuteCluster of bright lights9/9/22
10/15/09 21:33Mount VernonWAUSALight2-3 secondsThought it was a meteorite but then it changed course.9/9/22
6/2/09 23:20TacomaWAUSAFireball30 secondsOrange fireball orb thing hovered over puget sound near vashon island before going into the water9/9/22
4/8/09 22:04FishervilleKYUSATriangleTriangle craft, 20-25 secHUGE Triangle, No Lights, No Sound, Lumbering along at 5 to 7 thousand feet on a steady course.9/9/22
9/27/08 15:30klamathCAUSACylinderat least 5 secondsi think the others was some how blinded by but i was not saw it plain and simple9/9/22
9/17/08 23:00ClevelandOHUSALightAbout 90 secondsI saw 2 orange balls of light traveling very fast that made a 90 degree turn down and went into Lake Erie.9/9/22
1/5/08 20:00Eau ClaireWIUSAOvalseveral minutes.Playing with my siblings, and heard a humming engine with blinking red, and yellow lights. Did not look, or sound like a plane.9/9/22
9/4/07 20:50MemphisTNUSAOrb3 minutes or longerAliens can read your thoughts from an extremely long distance away (photo has never before been published. Please hold photo's release)9/9/22
5/16/07 12:00Not RevealedUnited KingdomOtherLess than one minuteAn object so black that it looked like a two dimensional shape; the outline precise, as if drawn with a ruler and compasses. 4' 6" tall9/9/22
5/7/07 19:10san DiegoCAUSAOrb3 minutesA Friend and i were traveling by car on the 15 freeway to San Diego Ca. and saw spheres breaking apart and coming back together again9/9/22
10/12/05 22:30Between Marlboro and HudsonMAUSAOther5 secondsIt crossed the highway, about 500 ft in front of us. Light bluish white, oblong craft. NOT plane or copter. Was heading NW?9/9/22
3/18/02 22:00LincolnNEUSALightHigh above an orange light (looking like a star) moving too fast makes immediate sharp turn.9/9/22
5/18/01 21:30BonduelWIUSACircleLess than a minuteSaw an orange globe that disappeared9/9/22
8/15/00 22:00USALight7-10 secondsA bright light that moved slowly in one direction, stopped, then quickly took off in the opposite direction and disappeared into space9/9/22
8/18/99 14:00RaleighNCUSADiskLost time Disk type ShipsIt was daytime around 2 pm on the golf course playing with 2 others I did not know. I want to know what happened to me.9/9/22
8/2/99 00:15OremUTUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle flew overhead, low and steady, heading south.9/9/22
4/16/99 11:00LompocCAUSATriangle10 minutesSaw a black triangle hovering approximately 500 ft. I9/9/22
7/15/98 18:15Rural CountrysideQueenslandAustraliaCigar15minsI almost crashed my car into a ufo when it was parked on the ground blocking my passage on the road.9/9/22
8/21/97 22:00harrogate. menwith hill us base at the time.United KingdomStar30 secondsIt was taking a straight path then all of a sudden stopped. Took a path back diagonal left downward, then stopped.9/9/22
5/7/97 23:30ALDINGA BEACHSouth AustraliaAustralia2 minPentagon shape9/9/22
5/7/97 04:00Springfield TallaghtCounty DublinIrelandLight2 minutesBright Circular White Light surrounded by a number of Red and Green Lights9/9/22
1/6/97 19:00N/AAZUSALight30 minutesFour amber lights suddenly appeared on a horizontal plane as approached the Phoenix metro area. I was driving on I-10 from Nogales.I9/9/22
1/1/97 12:00RyeNYUSADiskDid not see at timeCaptured UFO in photograph, did not see at time O9/9/22Yes
7/9/96 00:30Traverse CityMIUSASphereFive minutesThree orange balls in triangle formation. Fourth orange ball North at a distance. It joined the other three. Then departed.9/9/22
6/1/95 21:46IndioCAUSALight5 minsBall of light hovering over 2 story apartment9/9/22
10/29/94 00:40WeedsportNYUSAOther15 minutesIt had green lights and make a whirring sound like a washer on spin cycle.9/9/22
7/15/94 21:00RockfordMIUSATriangle30-60 secondsMassive black triangle - spotlight on each corner - moving very slow at treetop height9/9/22
8/1/93 20:00AuroraILUSARectangle10 minutes2 craft came head to head, stopped, then turned 90 degrees and went opposite directions9/9/22
5/21/93 01:00San Juan CapistranoCAUSACircleTen minutesDriving on the freeway I came around a bend and saw a huge craft above me9/9/22
4/1/93 07:00Dry creek rd Washington co TNChangingI found a strange square in the woods9/9/22
7/15/92 13:00WaukeganILUSASphere5-10 minsSilver sphere surrounded by a gas cloud hovering9/9/22
9/1/91 20:30MiltonMAUSAChanging5-10 minutesHuge green shape-shifting UFO9/9/22
8/3/91 00:30Saint LouisMOUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangle shape craft over 2nd story apartment9/9/22
5/2/91 12:00GreensboroNCUSACylinder5 secondsSilver cylinder seen close to the ground9/9/22
9/20/90 22:00Big Stone GapVAUSATriangle5 minutesLarge dark triangle shaped completely silent hovering almost directly overhead.9/9/22
8/8/90 23:45NelsonNHUSATriangleProbably one minuteBlack Silent Hovering Triangle UFO9/9/22
1/22/89 10:00Berry CreekCAUSAUnknown35 yearsWas seen again that evening by other members of my family9/9/22
9/22/88 22:00Boiling SpringsPAUSACylinder4-5 secSaw 2 cigar shaped objects move between the moon and earth.9/9/22
9/14/88 21:13olatheKSUSAChevronestimate 20 minutesdriving east on bridge, spot multicolored object with sparkling trail, went dark after viewing, glided silently across night sky9/9/22
7/15/88 14:00just north of McIntosh, Fl.FLUSAChanging20-25 minutesThe object stayed in the same location and traveled vertically9/9/22
7/7/87 11:30New OxfordPAUSATeardrop2 minutesMy sighting9/9/22
7/3/85 22:00FrankfortNYUSACircle12 secondsA brownish copper metallic saucer the size of a football field seen. Frankfort NY on hill.9/9/22
7/3/84 01:00Between Entiat and Lake ChelanWAUSADon't knowEncounter9/9/22
10/19/83 12:06RomeNYUSAUnknowna few minutesAircraft's X Band weather detected a large stationary airborne object. FAA airtraffic radar did not detect the object.9/9/22
7/13/83 18:00Tallman/AirmontNYUSAChevron20 minutes?Enormous Ship passed over silently, filling entire field of vision & remember Nothing of what happened Immediate after, Until yrs later9/9/22
7/3/83 23:00DaytonOHUSACross20 minutes approx.An orange X looking craft was flying over the neighborhood over the next door neighbors house and it was making funny moves up down.9/9/22
2/23/83 17:30NorcoCAUSACircle5 minutesHazy white lighted object seen from aircraft9/9/22
5/13/82 02:00HoustonTXUSACigarunknownOutside my house after work smooking my pipe before going to bed9/9/22
5/22/81 21:30EdmondOKUSALightApproximately 1-2 minutesbright light traversed sky S to N, then back S and sped E in a microsecond.9/9/22
11/15/80 22:00MiddlesexNJUSATriangle5 secondsObject had three white lights at each corner forming a triangle, estimated to be 1/2 degree separated9/9/22
9/20/80 17:15Quartz HillCAUSASphere2 minutesWhile I was feeding my horse, I had telepathic communication from a ufo.9/9/22
7/14/79 22:30Park CityUTUSACircle3 - 4 minutesMultiple lights gather and rotate around a center light, rotating faster and creating a circle light, a single light, then disappeared9/9/22
6/1/79 22:00SunderlandEnglandUnited KingdomSphere20 minutesIt had 6 coloured bulbs 1 white in the centre surrounded by 5 coloured bulbs , it hovered rotated tilted then zoomed away to a higher h9/9/22
5/7/79 21:00Mill ValleyCAUSALight1-2 minutesSilent white light slowly flew over my building.9/9/22
2/1/79 19:00ManassasVAUSASphere10 minsVibrating Pulsating White Globe traveled above the Lake9/9/22
5/26/78 19:30AllendaleMIUSACigar2 to 4 minutes.3 cigar shaped craft in formation.9/9/22
2/25/78 15:00RichmondVAUSADisk30 min100' dia metalic craft hovered 50 feet overhead for 30 min, rotating colored lights on bottom9/9/22
7/13/77 22:25Rock HillSCUSACircle2 minutesUFO followed side by side our car9/9/22
6/10/77 17:30AshevilleNCUSADisk10-15 secondsIt hovered above us several thousand feet maybe-metallic appearance about 30' wide and disk shaped9/9/22
1/3/77 11:59Kill devil hillsNCUSACigarMore than 1 an hour!Cigar shape with lights going around.9/9/22
9/1/75 21:30DallasTXUSADisk5 minutesA large disk craft hovered over 635, then instantly shot off to the south, hovered as a white light on the horizon, then disappeared9/9/22Yes
8/8/75 14:00Mont-St-MichelQuebecCanadaFireball5 minutesIn daytime, we saw a fireball the size of the full moon, orange, with flames, moving slowly, standing still, something falled from it.9/9/22
6/13/74 17:08Hilton Head IslandSCUSACircle10 minutesA storm was gathering so all beach goers had hurried away. I and another man spotted this UFO and stood watching it transfixed.9/9/22
11/1/73 21:30LevittownPAUSAFireball5 secondsFireball crossed sky and split into two objects9/9/22
9/2/72 01:30EncinitasCAUSALightA few minutes each eventIntense bright light flashed into our tent.9/9/22
7/8/72 20:30LynwoodWAUSALight30 secondspulsing lighted object moving in ways unknown to me9/9/22
12/17/69 17:15FitlerMSUSAUnknownApprox.3 min.A craft hoving about 30 ft. (tree level)Off the ground.9/9/22
7/1/69 11:00ReddingCAUSA30 to 40 secondsThe craft was black, it was similar to a Chinook Helicopter, no sound.9/9/22Yes
6/8/69 19:30Grand JunctionCOUSADisk2 minutesWhile walking we heard a whistling sound above coming from above us we then saw the UFO9/9/22
12/25/68 03:00Overland ParkKSUSACrossIndefinitelyIt looked like the Star of Bethlehem, as described in the Bible9/9/22
8/7/67 20:52QueensNYUSADisk45 seconds1 hovering craft, followed by 2 others, disappearing in the blink of an eye9/9/22
6/15/67 03:30RosevilleMIUSAUnknownSeveral hour’sI was born in1956 and happened before I started school.I taken from my home and my mother found me in the basement screaming9/9/22
6/7/67 11:00IpswichSuffolkUnited KingdomCircle15 minutesufo sighting ipswich uk in the 60,s9/9/22
9/15/66 12:05White DeerTXUSADisk5 minutesDisk directly above Methodist parsonage9/9/22
7/14/65 19:30MemphisTNUSADiskAbout 15 minutesMidsummer, sitting outside a small apartment with another adult and several children suddenly began to hear low humming sound above us.9/9/22
8/13/63 23:00La CanadaCAUSALight7 to 8 secondsTwo rows of lights in a staggered formation traveling east to west at a high altitude and velocity.9/9/22
8/1/40 23:59PowellTNUSACircle3 minBlinding light9/9/22