Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, March 2023 - Do not Report

NUFORC is currently being flooded with reports of two brilliant lights in the western sky just after sunset.   In fact, these are the planets Venus and Jupiter forming a rare alignment, as shown to the right.   Please do not report these!        

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Starlink Satellites - Do not Report

If you see a line of lights in the sky similar to those shown at right it is probably Starlink satellites, and not UFOs, so please do not report them.     The lights typically travel slowly across the sky in a straight line, and may disappear overhead or at the horizon.   Depending on atmospheric conditions, they also may appear as a blurry white line.

Please review the images and video below before making your report.

More Starlink Images

Detailed Video

Sightings of Venus - Do not Report

Our Center receives many, many reports of Venus.   If you are seeing a very bright, intensely silver-white, stationary object near the horizon, it is likely Venus, and not a UFO.   The best way to see if the object you are seeing is Venus is to use an app like SkyView on your phone.   The web site The Sky Live also has an interactive Venus tracker where you can input your location and see where Venus is right now.   

Objects in Photos not Seen with the Naked Eye - Do not Report

If you see something in a photo or video you took that you did not see with your naked eye, its probably a camera anomaly or artifact such as a lens flare.   Please do not report it.   For example, the photo to the right shot on an iPhone shows a green dot that was not visible to the naked eye.   This is one of many well know digital camera issues, as is documented here.

Hoax and Joke Reports Will be Ignored

If you are thinking of submitting a hoax or joke report, save yourself the time and trouble.  It will be ignored and immediately discarded.

Online Report Form

Our preferred method of taking reports is through our online report form.  To proceed to file your report, click the button below.


HOTLINE STATUS 3/20/23: The hotline will be unmanned for the next week or so due to staff travel.    During this period, please file your reports using the online form.

The Center’s hotline at  206-722-3000 is generally reserved for recent UFO reports.  However, brief queries may be submitted over the hotline number, and a member of our staff may be able to answer your question.  Information requests may also be sent via email to