Multiple Pilot Sightings Over the Midwest

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On the morning of Monday, November 7th, NUFORC received a seemingly quite credible report from an airline 1st Officer, who reported having witnessed, together with the aircraft’s pilot, a very dramatic display of lights over the Midwestern United States during the prior evening.  Moreover, several other flight crews allegedly reported the same event over their backchannel, so-called “guard,” radio frequency, and apparently discussed the event extensively over the course of an estimated 20-25 minutes.  If any person who is reading this advisory statement was witness to a dramatic sighting …

The Phoenix Lights

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The following is a preliminary summary of perhaps the most dramatic UFO sighting that has been reported to the National UFO Reporting Center over the last 2-3 years. 

Please note that this report is the result of some of the first data received by NUFORC, and is subject to revision depending on subsequent reports and data that may be received in the future. Also, this summary has been composed before receipt of any written reports from the witnesses to the events. From experience, the staff of NUFORC knows that written reports almost invariably will cause preliminary findings to be amended …