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The NUFORC website has been updated as of Thursday December 22, 2022, with the posting of 1255 new UFO sighting reports, submitted to our Center since mid-October of this year.

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  1. Amanda Johnson

    Thank you for this site, I really do know UFO’s exist and to find a place where I feel understood and I can see the vast amount of people who have seen things, makes me rest assured I am not alone. Just wish we had more theories of who or what these UFO’s can be, or what they can be capable of. Boggles my mind these days..

  2. Willard Anderson

    I have had cameras set up about 250 – 300 mi NE of Winnipeg, Canada . I have gotten photos of unusual aerial craft that I cannot at all explain. I have tried to transfer the photos but no luck yet. Expect to return to the site this spring 2023, to check my cameras.

  3. Pamela Stone

    I never reported what I saw until now. Really didn’t think anyone would believe us.
    1st sighting was 1974, after GAA at Winnebago High School, Winnebago, IL. It was near dusk and as we approached the outskirts of town, we noticed this dark gray saucer hovering about 20 feet above ground in an empty corn field and about 20 feet from us. We stopped, rolled windows down to listen. There was no sound. At that point we rolled up windows and I stomped on the gas up to 90 mph, until the road was a T. It stayed exactly the same distance from us the whole time. We were terrified. I almost hit the ditch trying to turn left. It turned with us and stayed exactly the same distance. I put the petal to the metal until we came to stop sign and turned right. At that point it went left towards Rockford. Thank God. We told our parents. Didn’t talk about what happened anymore. My parents said they could tell I had seen something, but didn’t believe it was a UFO.

    1. Patrick

      Good sighting Pamela but terrifying no doubt. I’m glad you were not harmed. Have you reported it here to NUFORC? Even though it occurred so long ago your report may coincide with others in your area that did report it. Thanks!

  4. Todd

    Hi Peter, thanks for the update last month. I saw you on Dave Paulide’s new documentary Missing 411 The UFO Connection. Really enjoyed watching your cases. Take care.

  5. Mike

    I videoed on Nov 13 2022 a large number of them. I don’t know if the link will work here but youtube UFOs Colleyville Tx


    1. Pj

      Around the same time in Nov we seen something similar like your video but also experienced alot of different very unnerving things in McHenry MS. I have pics and videos of “it”,”them” along with multiple witnesses. Feel free to contact me on fb pj Bowers I have a concrete pic for my profile. I’ll gladly share them

  6. Mike

    This is a great site! So glad someone finally put one together that is user friendly.

  7. Patrick

    I just want to say thank you, NUFORC for what you have been doing here since 1976. Listening to actual phone call reports from past years on the “Eyes On Cinema” YouTube channel has made me realize the huge value of your organization’s work. Thousands of records may have gone unreported if it weren’t for you and your staff over the last 47 years. The information you have gathered is very precious to society. And for that I say again thank you so much.

  8. mark jones

    not new, in 1965 me and my friend dan isardi were night fishing on fort gibson lake in okla. it was august, clear night, lots of stars. one light looked like a star took off without speeding up, crossed the whole sky in 3 seconds and stopped without slowing down. we think that is impossible, it^s not. the light slowly lowered in the sky, then turned its light off. next morning i told my mom we saw a ufo, she opened tulsa paper , hundreds of people saw a ufo in tulsa that night. a paperboy got a picture of it, 1965 tulsa ufo on your computer and it will come up. i saw it coming to tulsa. mark jones

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